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Baby names

some people are so cruel and mean

35 replies

trixyp · 28/01/2008 14:41

I am pregnant for the first time and have recently found out that i am having twins! i am both and and have been busy thinking of names.

Dh and I after lots of thought, have decided on Flopsy and Mopsy for our twins.They are cute sweet names that go together and can be used if we have a girl or a boy.

However when dh told his mum, she went mad and told us we were being stupid.

I am really upset now and feel she has ruined what should be a really special time for us.

So come girls-how cute are my names for my little babies?

OP posts:

madamez · 28/01/2008 14:41

I have just spat orange juice all over my screen.


fryalot · 28/01/2008 14:41

they are cute as lickle bunny wabbits


nortynamechanger · 28/01/2008 14:42


MamaG · 28/01/2008 14:43

oh we'v ehad loads of these recntly


Fimbo · 28/01/2008 14:43

My dc are called Topsy & Tim it has never been a problem.


hunofmonsters · 28/01/2008 14:44

well if i can have bodger and badger, you can have flopsy and mopsy


Blu · 28/01/2008 14:44

Aaah, so sweet.

What do your friends in your warren think?

I hope your MIL ends up in a pie or a fox - it would serve her right.


numptysmummy · 28/01/2008 14:45

Dumb and dumber


expatinscotland · 28/01/2008 14:45

c'mon, if you're going start a wind-up at least make an effort to be amusing!

and if you think people are mean, you should see how mean they can when they're the pint-sized variety of person normally found sitting in desks in school classrooms.


Flibbertyjibbet · 28/01/2008 14:45

Isn't this where someone comes along and puts
'tripp trapp tripp trapp'
and comments about being under a bridge?

Not even a decent wind up.


Janni · 28/01/2008 14:46

What's wrong with Cotton-tail and Tom Kitten?


trixyp · 28/01/2008 14:48

the other option was tiggy and peter but i thought our first choice sweeter.

i can't believe you don't all like it.

OP posts:

donnie · 28/01/2008 14:49

well my twins are called donner and blitzen. I see nothing remotely amusing in this.

oh come on everyone - we need a good laugh today!!


donnie · 28/01/2008 14:50

what about princess tiaaaaaaaaamiiii and prince buster? they are quite nice easy going names.


Dropdeadfred · 28/01/2008 14:52

I have triplets called kev,bev & trev


fryalot · 28/01/2008 14:53

named after you, your dp and the milkman, fred?


Dropdeadfred · 28/01/2008 14:57

you got me there Squonk!


donnie · 28/01/2008 14:57

oh now you're just being silly....


DiamandaGalas · 28/01/2008 14:58

pip and cac


trixyp · 28/01/2008 14:58

well-how mean are you lot?

donnie o think your twins names are lovely.

maybe i should rethink.

i need to find out if they are boys or girls.

timmy tiptoes might be nice for a boy.

OP posts:

Dropdeadfred · 28/01/2008 14:59

Guess Arthur and Martha are out then?


Dropdeadfred · 28/01/2008 15:00

My childhood teddy was Timothy Tiptoes


Dropdeadfred · 28/01/2008 15:00

Barry & Larry?


trixyp · 28/01/2008 15:01

biff and chip too hard sounding......

OP posts:

donnie · 28/01/2008 15:03

floppy and kipper? they are quite unisex?

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