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Spanish/English boys names

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chica666 · 28/01/2008 11:33

Dh is Spanish, I'm English, and we live in Spain. We've got loads of girl's names that we love, and that would be easy to pronounce in both languages. But, we're having more trouble with boy's names. Either an English name that will not be totally mispronounced here, and that we won't have to spell out all the time, or a Spanish name that the English family can wrap their tongues around without too much trouble. Any suggestions?

OP posts:
onebatmother · 28/01/2008 13:10

my first crush age four was Ramon.

(hello witchandchips are you well? I think of you frequently at storytime..)

lokka · 28/01/2008 13:13

Oh yes. I love Oscar and Gabriel (Gabi) DS could have been Gabi if it wasn´t for my ex having this name!
DP is Ruben which works both ways, only the stress is in a different place. I also love this name but don´t like that thing which is common here of naming son after the father.
Lots of nice names to choose from here!

witchandchips · 28/01/2008 14:10

onebat am okay and have now rediscovered the joys of historical romantic fiction thanks to a few of your posts

onebatmother · 28/01/2008 14:57

(apols to chica for brief continuation of hijack)
oh goody, witchandchips, have you been following our Georgette Heyer novel? Do come over, we need fresh blood characters!

onebatmother · 28/01/2008 18:12

Would it be okay to have something that each country can pronounce, but differently?

littleboo · 28/01/2008 18:18


Califrau · 28/01/2008 18:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chica666 · 28/01/2008 18:54

Wow, thanks for all the suggestions. The ones I like best (Alberto, Javier, Fernando, Antonio) aren't possible because of close family being called that, and I'm not too keen on the Spanish fashion of too many of the same name in one family. Saying X padre (senior)and X hijo (junior) is just too much work for me!

So, we'll be thinking.

OP posts:
tribpot · 28/01/2008 19:30

LOL I used to work at a firm where we had a male employee join called Angel, he had to put up with being called "Ankle".

PillockOfTheCommunity · 28/01/2008 19:32

Maveta is a brit living in Mallorca witrh a Spanish dh, they chose Noah as it worked well in both languages

seeker · 28/01/2008 19:36

My half Spanish, half English nephew is Oscar. They also considered Bruno.

Tickle · 28/01/2008 19:42

Chica we have a lovely Hector

mrsruffallo · 28/01/2008 20:43

Elias? Emiliano? Gabriel? Rafael?

mrsruffallo · 28/01/2008 20:43


onebatmother · 28/01/2008 20:52


mrsruffallo · 28/01/2008 20:57

Yes, Omar, very popular in Latin America!!
Are you stalking me?
I'll set my rottweiller on you..TYSON!!! 'ERE, TYSON!!!!!

snotbuster · 28/01/2008 20:58

We're both english (in England) but our son is a Manu - unusual but most people can manage it! A friend from Madrid said it's quite old fashioned in Spain now though, where he'd be a Manolo.

onebatmother · 28/01/2008 21:04

(not common like that, common like both on same thread)
Califrau · 28/01/2008 21:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Spoo · 28/01/2008 21:07

We have spanish connections and DS2 has Luis as his middle name - after my grandfather. I suppose you could pronounce it Lewis if he doesn't want it to be too Spanish.

Maveta · 28/01/2008 21:08


We are the same as you and these are all names that either spanish/spanish couples or english/spanish couples that we know have given their sons. Our ds is called Noah which occasionally leads to confusion as Noa is a girls name but it is happily accepted and the pronunciation is exactly the same in both languages.

Spoo · 28/01/2008 21:10

Diego is Dora the Explorer's cousin! Go Diego Go! Vamos Diego Vamos

mrsruffallo · 28/01/2008 21:11

batmother, haven't hecked thorughly but I think I was first on both

mrsruffallo · 28/01/2008 21:13

Haven't checked thoroughly either

Shitemum · 28/01/2008 21:13


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