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Spanish/English boys names

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chica666 · 28/01/2008 11:33

Dh is Spanish, I'm English, and we live in Spain. We've got loads of girl's names that we love, and that would be easy to pronounce in both languages. But, we're having more trouble with boy's names. Either an English name that will not be totally mispronounced here, and that we won't have to spell out all the time, or a Spanish name that the English family can wrap their tongues around without too much trouble. Any suggestions?

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GetOrfMoiLand · 28/01/2008 11:34


hatrick · 28/01/2008 11:35

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Message withdrawn

GooseyLoosey · 28/01/2008 11:37

A spanish friend has a "Felix", although she does pronouce it differently to others. English people say "Feelix" and she says "Fellix".

JeremyVile · 28/01/2008 11:38


NatalieJane · 28/01/2008 11:39

DS1 is Thomas, when we are holiday he always get's called Tomas, and I think that's quite nice.

InLoveWithSweenyTodd · 28/01/2008 11:40

Francisco (Spanish people will call him Paco though, so avoid if you hate Paco)

themildmanneredjanitor · 28/01/2008 11:43

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Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HolidaysQueen · 28/01/2008 11:46


This book is good on cross-cultural names in general and because it's written by Americans has lots of Spanish ones in it because of all the Hispanic names in use in the US.

DH and I love Spain (visit several times a year) and Spanish names. We were contemplating a Spanish version of name we liked for our baby if a DD but we found out we're having a DS. But his name will be very understandable in Spanish too

mum2mum · 28/01/2008 11:54

i moved to spain 2 years ago and we thought hard about what to call our son as we too didn't want a name that was ok in english but sounded absurd in Spanish.. thought we had cracked it with Drew (i love the name) but alas the spanish just can't get their tounges around it! ....

devonsmummy · 28/01/2008 11:58

my stepsons aunt is english and her hubbie is spanish. Their little boy is called Connor.

His cousin is called Euan - both spanish parents living in uk

devonsmummy · 28/01/2008 12:01


lokka · 28/01/2008 12:05

I live in Spain too and called my son Dylan! I personally like the fact that because we live here it will be more exotic to have an English(or welsh) name. If we lived in Uk we'd probably go Spanish!

I also love Teo, Leo and Felix. Some of the Basque names are nice too and unusual. I like Iñaki and Paxi but then again you may have problems with those names. I have problems with people saying Dylan perfectly but I don't care as I love the name and it suits him IMO.

lokka · 28/01/2008 12:06

oh no mum2mum, how do they pronounce it?

WendyWeber · 28/01/2008 12:09

Have a look through this thread, chica

(lucy123/SenoraPostrophe was living in Spain and also wanted a name that works in both places.)

mum2mum · 28/01/2008 12:24

lokka instead of pronouncing the w it comes out more of a c ... Drooock ... oh well not having any more kids so won't have to worry about names again lol

ib · 28/01/2008 12:28

I had this problem with ds, and have to admit most of the names listed on here would not have worked for me as they are pronounced differently in both languages.

I came to the conclusion that it could contain none of the following letters:
s, r, j, h, or vowels which are not pronounced the usual spanish way.

My favourites which worked were Alex and Max, but dh vetoed them. It's easier if you are going for a Spanish name which is OK in English, the other way round is much harder!

WendyWeber · 28/01/2008 12:29

Luca is nice, and should be pronounced correctly in both countries?

tribpot · 28/01/2008 12:43


onebatmother · 28/01/2008 12:43

jaime? (himeh?)

PrettyCandles · 28/01/2008 12:49

I know a Spanish/English family, with a boy called Bryce, only I think it's spelled differently - Brais, possibly?

Spockster · 28/01/2008 12:55

Alejandro (Alex)
Oscar (!)

onebatmother · 28/01/2008 12:57

yes Oscar! Mine is Oscalito to his Tata..

MorocconOil · 28/01/2008 13:00





LoveAngel · 28/01/2008 13:03

Emilio is lovely. I have a Spanish friend who's brother is called Esteban (Spanish version of Steven), which I also think is lovely.

witchandchips · 28/01/2008 13:07

surely Pablo and Ramon can't present that many problems ?

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