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I hate to say it...

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DozyFox · 20/10/2022 15:33

But Suella is a really nice name, isn't it?!

I just think it's so sweet. I'm not convinced it's a real name though is it? I don't think it's Suella Braverman's real name, just a nickname.

It's probably my pregnancy hormones - I think someone might have to talk me out of naming my poor innocent baby after Suella Braverman 😭

OP posts:
Pixiedust1234 · 20/10/2022 15:37

Didn't a lot of people call her Sue Ellen after Dallas? So she didn't get called by it anyway.

Eunoia · 20/10/2022 15:37

The kid would forever be called 'Sue' as a NN.

DozyFox · 20/10/2022 15:49

@Pixiedust1234 never seen Dallas so no clue what the reference is, but I've just looked at Suella Braverman's wiki page and her legal name is Sue-Ellen so I suppose Suella is a nickname she's adopted as her professional name I guess?

@Eunoia I quite like Sue, that's the thing! But Suzie is my favourite. I have Susan on the list but DH is absolutely not keen. I feel like Suella would be the perfect compromise if it weren't for bloody Suella Braverman 😭🤣🤣

OP posts:
GingerPigz · 20/10/2022 16:01

DS would have been called Luella if he'd been a girl,.. (Prefer it to Suella). Still love Luella but unfortunately DH had gone off it by the time we had DD.

caitlinrose · 20/10/2022 16:11

It's okay but I could imagine it sounding like "swell" when said quickly, sort of like Louise become loo-weez when some people pronounce it (not in my accent). "Swella" isn't very attractive.

Suella is okay and I don't think she will necessarily become Sue. I could rather see people saying it quickly like "Swella" because the U and E sort of run into each other.

I like Isabella much better.

I wouldn't worry about Braverman, though. Just use it if you like it.

There was a Suellen in "Gone with the Wind" too.

I like Susan and also Suzanne.

S25 · 20/10/2022 16:17

Suella Braverman is Sue-Ellen by birth

I do think it’s quite sweet - both options but really dislike the name Sue on its own and it could be a potential nn

ForkHandler · 20/10/2022 16:27

Sue-Ellen was the bourbon-swilling, permanently-gaslit, lingerie mogul wife of JR Ewing, who spent most scenes staggering from one leather sofa to the next, chugging from a massive ice-filled glass. As a child of the 80s, it's hard to hear the name 'Sue-Ellen' in my head without following it closely with, '... you no-good drink, ah-m leavin' you this taaaame!'

momtoboys · 20/10/2022 16:43

"But Suella is a really nice name, isn't it?!"

Is it really, though?

lentilly · 20/10/2022 16:44

Reminds me of Zoella

KirstenBlest · 20/10/2022 17:08

But Suella is a really nice name, isn't it?!
No.It really isn't.

losingit31 · 20/10/2022 17:17

I know a 29yo Susan, she has been Susi for most of her life and hates the name. We were all a bit baffled when her name was announced as it wasn't in fashion then or now.

Awrite · 20/10/2022 17:21

If you like Suzie, what about Suzanne. It's much nicer than Susan.

FictionalCharacter · 20/10/2022 17:22
Smineusername · 20/10/2022 17:43

Suella rhymes with Cruella

SuperCamp · 20/10/2022 17:47

No, I don’t like it. I think it sounds like an artificial sweetener.

Luredbyapomegranate · 20/10/2022 18:15

I think Luella is much nicer, or the classic Susannah

But I can understand why Suella would appeal if your name was Sue Ellen (hilarious)

Smallonesaremorejuicy · 20/10/2022 18:19

I just think of Cruella …. Deville.. no from me .

Swissnotswiss · 20/10/2022 18:24

I actually know a Suella and she's really nice! I don't really like the name though.

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