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Lkakpk · 15/10/2022 21:54

So I’m due our second little girl in less than two weeks and look in for a second opinion .
My top name is Pria - issue is we are white British and my dh seems to think it is weird to use an Indian name - I’ve asked about and opinion seems mixed on this - I just think it’s a beautiful name and our daughter has an Italian name ( again we are not Italian )
Serena -like this but don’t think I LOVE
isabella - adore but very common
Sofina - again like don’t love
Portia - I think it’s pretty ?
sienna - love too common
reeva - was a front runner but gone off it slightly due to very mixed opinions of family and friends .

all opinions very welcome and any other ideas also ! I love names ending in a !

OP posts:
ladycarlotta · 19/10/2022 16:38

Lkakpk · 15/10/2022 22:38

Thanks so much ladies for suggestions so far . It baffles me how it really is such an issue - not just from things you guys have said but from talking to people personally . Where do you think the issue lies ? It’s funny isn’t it because we use Spanish/Italian names etc so absent mindedly but an Indian name you are hesitant and it opens a conversation of whether it’s appropriate .

well I'd say that traditionally, names make their way into English because of some shared cultural context, ie we rarely are using a purely French name but a French version of a Bible name. Names like Claire/Chiara/Clara or Elizabeth/Elise/Isabella all have the same roots and the same cultural reference points. And these names migrate to us over generations of diplomatic and economic crossover. We've had monarchs from all over Europe who brought their naming fashions with them. It's a long relationship based on a broadly equal footing.

On the other hand, our relationship with places like India are based in centuries of empire and colonisation, and immigrants from the Indian subcontinent to to this country have been (and are) treated as 'less than' on many levels, from being condescended to all the way to violence and hostility. I think it's not really OK to take a name from a culture that's still marginalised in this country, and which we often don't fully understand. Choosing it because it sounds pretty in this kind of power imbalance is picking and choosing what you like from a culture without engaging with the whole of it. Honestly, it's up to you but I'd choose another name.

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