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Middle name for Willow

31 replies

wanderlove · 06/10/2022 18:22

Pretty set on Willow and wondering about thoughts on the following middle names (or any suggestions!)
Willow Lucy (after my sister)
Willow Hope
Willow Joy
Willow Iona
Willow Senara (both these two after Scotland and Cornwall which are special places for our family)
Willow Rose (love the sound of this but aware Rose is a very popular middle name and not sure about 2 nature names)
Any feedback or suggestions welcome 🤗

OP posts:
Grandeur · 06/10/2022 19:05

Willow Hope, Willow Joy and Willow Rose are all a bit too twee.
Lucy, Senara and Iona don't really flow with 'Willow', but if you don't use her middle name often I guess it won't matter.

Fivemoreminutes1 · 06/10/2022 19:34

Willow Matilda
Willow Jemima
Willow Grace
Willow Genevieve
Willow Pandora
Willow Valentina

CleopatrasBeautifulNose · 06/10/2022 19:35

Willow Jessica

Wibbly1008 · 06/10/2022 19:36

Willow jay or willow jo

TabithaTittlemouse · 06/10/2022 19:37

If you like Cornish names what about Meryn or Morwenna.

Sandysandwich · 06/10/2022 19:39

I really like lucy, Iona and senara with Willow. Particularly Lucy.

The other three do sound a little like old peoples homes to me, I think I have actually done a few shifts in a willow rose care home.

jays · 06/10/2022 19:44

I think Willow Mae is nice. X

LauderSyme · 06/10/2022 19:47

I like Willow Senara best, I think it flows beautifully.

ChildrenOfTheQuorn · 06/10/2022 20:00

For the love of God, not Rose.

H1Drangea · 06/10/2022 20:04

Willow lucinda
Willow Annabelle
Willow Gwendolyn
Willow Rosalyn

lochmaree · 06/10/2022 20:05

Willow Fox

Awwlookatmybabyspider · 06/10/2022 20:15

Willow Lucy is a nice nod to your sister. Other ideas

Willow Ava
Willow Grace
Willow Beth
Willow Jasmine
Willow Evelina.
Willow Savannah
Willow Florence
Willow Jade

eddiemairswife · 06/10/2022 20:52


ODFOx · 06/10/2022 21:12

Willow is lovely but quite ethereal, so I'd pair it with a simple strong middle name in case you daughter wants a different vibe. (One of my daughters has been known by her middle name from about 6 when she decided (and we agree) that it suited her better).
Willow Jane
Willow Ann
Willow Elizabeth
Willow Harriet
Willow Elinor
Do you have a family name you could use? Something of one generation back may well juxtapose well with the airiness of Willow.
Of your list, Hope is the strongest of the bunch.

Mumofgirls2017 · 06/10/2022 21:16

All nice. I like Willow Iona

ChocolateSpreadOnToast · 06/10/2022 21:23

Every Willow will be Willow Rose.

Joy or Senara.

wanderlove · 07/10/2022 06:16

Thank you all! My gut was right about Willow Rose it seems. I think we are leaning towards Willow Lucy. My sister has just been through breast cancer, has no kids of her own and is a wonderful aunty. We have three other girls so it is also trying to tie in the names with them; their middle names are Grace, Ray and Sky. I think we will just keep mulling, keep a shortlist and decide when we meet her.

OP posts:
wanderlove · 07/10/2022 06:17

😂😂at the old people’s home vibe. Definitely not what we want for her!

OP posts:
FayCarew · 07/10/2022 09:48

Willow Lucy (after my sister) - fine
Willow Hope - Will & Hope? - no
Willow Joy - Will & Joy - no
Willow Iona - no
Willow Senara (both these two after Scotland and Cornwall which are special places for our family) - ok
Willow Rose - no, sounds like a 1980s tea set design

beonmywaythen · 07/10/2022 09:51

I like willow Lucy

Oneandone · 07/10/2022 13:11

I'd go for Lucy or Senara if they mean something to you. My sons middle name is my dads name, I honestly don't really see the point in middle names unless they mean something.

SalviaOfficinalis · 07/10/2022 13:13

Willow Lucy is very nice and lovely that it’s meaningful. I’m named after my aunt and glad to be so.

Willow Rose sounds odd to me because it’s two plant names together.

shannonw123x · 15/10/2022 21:52

I love Willow Hope

pitterypattery00 · 17/10/2022 21:37

I really like Willow Lucy and Willow Iona.

Willow Morven
Willow Merryn
Willow Ailsa
Willow Isla
Willow Serena
Willow Eilidh

Luredbyapomegranate · 17/10/2022 23:35

Iona or Senara - much less predictable

Also while Willow is pretty it’s also a bit limp and twee, so a strong muddle to manage that

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