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Boy names and a bit stuck!

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BabyGirlGreen · 05/10/2022 10:49

Please be gentle as still morning sickness ridden at 37 weeks! Honest thoughts on Fintan for a boy - we have Irish heritage and a sibling with an Irish name. It would be shortened to Finn I would guess, but I think I’d prefer a longer version and Finlay doesn’t really work with our surname.

OP posts:
DotDotDotDotDot · 05/10/2022 11:52

Fintan is lovely, my favourite “Finn” variation. I say go for it.

Sofiatheworst · 05/10/2022 13:10

One of my favourite boys names!

ibis17 · 05/10/2022 13:15

I've just posted a similar thread before reading yours! I utterly sympathise with the fragile pregnant long term sickness choosing names situation. I think Fintan is lovely - unusual without being zaney, elegant with a lovely longer option and abbreviated option. Go for it!

Lilacsunflowers · 05/10/2022 13:49

Fintan is nice but I'd shorten to Fin!

A Finn is a person from Finland 🇫🇮 Grin

BabyGirlGreen · 05/10/2022 14:55

Ah thanks so much, that’s made me feel good about our choice. It’s definitely the favourite right now! The Finn/Fin question is interesting - DH sees fin as being a bit aquatic! Another question to ponder…

OP posts:
WhoppingBigBackside · 05/10/2022 17:05

Phineas shortened to Phin? Not finnish or fishy

BabyGirlGreen · 05/10/2022 18:28

@WhoppingBigBackside I can only ever see ‘and Ferb’ at the end of Phineas 🤦🏼‍♀️

OP posts:
MuchuseasaChocolateTeapot · 05/10/2022 20:35

Finin? Means handsome

MuchuseasaChocolateTeapot · 05/10/2022 20:38

And I live the name Fabian, you could call him Fin for short?

AliBaliBears · 05/10/2022 20:45

I like Fintan.

Also like Fergus, Fingal and Flynn!

resm · 05/10/2022 20:50

Fintan is a solid choice!

LimeCheesecake · 05/10/2022 21:01

Fintan is a lovely name. It’s that rare thing - a classic name (of your heritage), that is unusual without sounding dated, odd or hard to spell/pronounce.

Finn/Fintan doesn’t make me think of a particular class or age. It also is interesting and nice to say.

MytummydontjigglejiggleItfolds · 05/10/2022 21:08

I think Finnian is the nicest of all the iterations just my opinion!

MytummydontjigglejiggleItfolds · 05/10/2022 21:08

Though Fintan is lovely

HighlandPony · 05/10/2022 21:13

Fintan is ok. There’s a few in my dads side. He’s from Derry. There’s also Finbar or Fingall if you’re looking for alternative fins

Luredbyapomegranate · 05/10/2022 21:25

It’s nice, but there are an awful lot of them.


Sorry you’re feeling shitty

Luredbyapomegranate · 05/10/2022 21:25

Or Phineas…

Lilacsunflowers · 05/10/2022 21:28

Phineas avoids the Fin (🐟) or Finn (🇫🇮) issue. You could shorten to Phin?

Evanna13 · 05/10/2022 21:36

Finn is lovely and commonly used in Ireland. It is the anglicised version of Fionn meaning 'fair one'.

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