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MaryGrace17 · 30/09/2022 19:28

What do you think about the name Kieran for a boy?

OP posts:
StopFeckingFaffing · 30/09/2022 19:34

I like it but don't love it

On a par with things like Nathan, Aidan, Callum, Ryan etc and feels a bit dated (80s/90s) but nothing wrong with if

GobbolinoTheWitchesCat · 30/09/2022 19:35

Great choice

IbizaToTheNorfolkBroads · 30/09/2022 19:36

Love it

BeanieTeen · 30/09/2022 19:39

Very 90s. So a bit dated. Bit like Liam or Aaron or Chris. Nice enough names but not really used now - there’s definitely better ones.

Snugglemonkey · 30/09/2022 19:42

I do not like that spelling, but do like the name.

emmathedilemma · 30/09/2022 19:53

It’s ok…..I don’t love it but it doesn’t offend me! Seems like a funny name for a baby but I guess all the middle aged ones must have been a baby at some time!

Berlinlover · 30/09/2022 20:00

That was my Grandad’s name - I’ve always loved it.

Luredbyapomegranate · 30/09/2022 21:29

It’s alright. Prefer the original Ciaran spelling

StopStartStop · 30/09/2022 21:30


Hatscats · 30/09/2022 21:44


thisismyusername321 · 30/09/2022 21:46

Not keen on Kieran, I know of one and he's an idiot.
I do like Kier though.

Icecreamandapplepie · 30/09/2022 21:47

I love it. Like the way it sounds.

Massively 90s tho

MissyCooperismyShero · 30/09/2022 21:51

The nicest young man in the world is called Kieran (DS's best friend and even nicer than DS) so yes I think its a great name. They were both born in 1995 though if that dates it.

butchersshrink · 30/09/2022 21:53

I'm married to a Kieran and although I despise him most of the time, I absolutely love his name and the way it sounds.

Danielle9891 · 30/09/2022 22:02

My partner, his dad, our next door neighbor and about 5 others in our street are called kieran or Ciaran(the irish spelling). So it's pretty common for 25+ year old but I haven't heard any younger. I now know a few kids called kierany though.
We live in N.Ireland.

DramaAlpaca · 30/09/2022 23:26

I don't mind it, but much prefer the Ciaran spelling.

FrankTheThunderbird · 30/09/2022 23:27

I love it with the Ciaran spelling.

Ruthietuthie · 30/09/2022 23:36

Love it. Lovely name. Unusual enough that there probably won't be another in his class at school, but not so unusual that people don't recognize it. All the Kierans I know are really wonderful people too.

YourLipsMyLips · 30/09/2022 23:42

Makes me think of shell suits and Kevin Keegan perms. Very dated.

Prefer Keri, although I think they've both been caught in the unfortunate K name thing, Kayden, Kaylen, Kai, etc.

Ellie1015 · 30/09/2022 23:44

Love the name and my preference for spelling is Kieran.

Lyricallie · 30/09/2022 23:48

Love the name but not the K spelling much prefer Ciaran. However I'm west of Scotland so Ciaran spelling is very common here.

Jacketandbeans · 30/09/2022 23:57

I love it. I often wish I had chosen it for ds2. It has such a nice sound to it.

KirstenBlest · 01/10/2022 10:22

Dated. 1970s name

erikbloodaxe · 01/10/2022 10:47

If you like it use it.

pantsville · 01/10/2022 10:50

I like it. Ciaran spelling is more timeless but nonetheless I do prefer Kieran. Kie is a cute abbreviation.

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