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Classic/not too popular names for a girl

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ab03 · 14/09/2022 17:19

We're expecting a baby girl in November but are really struggling to decide on a name. We like well-known but not overly trendy names but can't find one that stands out, and we thought we would have some picked out by now (8 weeks until due date)!

Do you have any thoughts on our current list, and would you suggest any others?

Elizabeth (was always our favourite, now a bit worried about using it and also can't agree which nn we would use!)
Beatrice (both love Bea but not sure if the full name is a bit awkward to say)
Eleanor (dh loves but I know loads of Ellies so don't really want the nn)
Rosanna (dh would prefer just Rosie but I'd like a formal option for her)
Florence (I know it's my sister's favourite name but she's not planning kids imminently so would you consider anyway?)
Daisy (all our parents & grandparents suggest this and dh is starting to like it - I'm thinking maybe middle name though? I'm worried it will always sound like a little girl's name)

I also love the name Harriet but our surname sounds a bit like Apricot, so I don't think that works, and likewise a lot of names ending in 'a' don't seem to flow very well.

Hoping some fresh eyes and thoughts will help!

OP posts:
marblemad · 15/09/2022 02:41

Elizabeth- No going to be too over used now
Beatrice- Again no will be too overused
Eleanor - boring
Rosanna - reminds me of the racist tv personality
Imogen - like
Felicity- meh
Hazel- hate
Florence- like
Daisy - like overused


ThatshallotBaby · 15/01/2023 10:31

Hope your bundle arrived safely!
what did you call her?

Moomoomeemee · 15/01/2023 10:34


Moomoomeemee · 15/01/2023 10:35

Oh ignore me FFS. Old thread

Namechange192727171 · 15/01/2023 10:38

Lovely name choices op! How about:

Grace (mine is 1 and its definitely not as popular as it once was)

Emma (classic and beautiful)

Sophie (or Sophia)

Rose (Classic and beautiful l, coykd nickname her Rosie)

ab03 · 15/01/2023 11:52

Thanks for all the suggestions and thoughts :)
She did arrive safely in November and we went with Elizabeth Rose, but we introduced her to everyone as Elsie as it's my favourite nickname option and it avoids people asking if she is named after the queen! Possibly a bit tenuous as a nn but we love it and she can pick another option later if she wants to!

OP posts:
ab03 · 15/01/2023 11:57

I started suggesting some new options (I ended up really loving Marianne and Esther especially) but dh was not keen to re open the shortlist!

OP posts:
ThatshallotBaby · 15/01/2023 15:01

Elizabeth Rose is a beautiful name @ab03
Many congratulations Flowers

user1492757084 · 15/01/2023 15:45


MollyMunster · 15/01/2023 21:08

Elizabeth is nice. Not very exciting but classic, has a lovely sound. You don’t need to agree on a nickname before baby is here, that will happen naturally. Question is, do you like the name itself?
Beatrice I don’t love. Bea is cute but the full name isn’t nice.
Eleanor is lovely, but she will definitely be nicknamed Ellie, so don’t do it if you don’t like that.
Rosanna I don’t love. What about another Rose variant? Rosalind, Rosamund?
Imogen is ok
Felicity - lovely, with the right accent. It doesn’t sound nice to me in a Northern accent (Fel-iss-uh-ee). How does it sound in your local accent?
Hazel - lovely
Florence - I’d probably drop it if your sister loves it. It’s very common at present too, did you want to avoid that?
Daisy is sweet. Margaret or Marguerite might be an option, then Daisy can be a nickname?

MollyMunster · 15/01/2023 21:11

lol, zombie thread.

Excellent choice of name OP, beautiful

marblemad · 16/01/2023 00:08

MollyMunster · 15/01/2023 21:11

lol, zombie thread.

Excellent choice of name OP, beautiful

Doesn't matter if it's a zombie thread if it promotes discussion leave it be

Hopelessromatic · 16/01/2023 00:26

My daughter is Elizabeth but she is know as Lisa .

Leemoe · 16/01/2023 00:33

Another vote for Jennifer/Jenny.
Also like Elizabeth and it tends to stay pretty consistently popular so unlikely to age.

Out of your other names I only like Hazel.

Have you considered Alexandra, Coral, Carmen, Naomi or Rachael?

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