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Third baby due in two weeks

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Autumnsunbaby · 14/09/2022 13:00

Joined as we are so undecided!
We have two other children with short (one or two syllable) names and don't know the sex of this baby. We prefer names that are already short and can't be shortened further into nicknames.

Our list so far:



(Middle name will be Oscar)



(Middle name will be Charlotte)

Which do you like best? Please be kind as we like them all! Or any other ideas along these lines?
I work in a school so I find it really tricky to find names that don't have connotations to children I've taught!

Thank you

OP posts:
RandomMusings7 · 14/09/2022 13:03

Remy or Jude for a boy
Sebastian is lovely too, but a little chunky next to Oscar

Ivy or Erin for a girl

grey12 · 14/09/2022 13:08

I think with those names I would invert the order. I find Oscar Jude more melodic than Jude Oscar. Or Charlotte Ivy.

Lovely names, btw, I just think Oscar and Charlotte sound a little strong to be middle names.

Congratulations ❤️

MayISuggestSomeThickCutSteakChipsToGoWithThat · 14/09/2022 13:11

Remy Oscar
Erin Charlotte

emmathedilemma · 14/09/2022 13:20

I prefer Oscar and Charlotte to any of those!!
Not keen on any of the boys list. Seb is ok but really needs to be Sebastian Oscar as Seb Oscar doesn't sound right.
Ivy and Ada are nice. I think Erin is very dated.

IMustMakeAmends · 14/09/2022 13:26

Jude is the nicest of the boys. I don't like just Seb as a name, for me it would need to be Sebastian and it doesn't sound like you want that. I find Remy really feminine sounding (and I went to school with a female Remi!)

Ivy is lovely, Ada I find a bit old-ladyish and Erin I find quite 80s/90s but I've seen it around a lot on babies so I think it's having a revival.

Oscar and Charlotte are both absolutely lovely as first or middle names.

Congratulations - I have 3 and it's good fun 😆

Lilacsunflowers · 14/09/2022 15:00

Remy and Erin are great names.

Seb is not nice - an unfortunate nickname for Sebastian. It sounds so soft and unfinished and reminds me of Sebaceous = oily.

BuffaloCauliflower · 14/09/2022 15:00

I like Jude and Ivy best from your lists

AdoraLovesCake · 14/09/2022 16:45

girls names are lovely. Jude is best for boy

Luredbyapomegranate · 14/09/2022 20:54

Jude and Ivy - both very nice albeit popular

Otherwise - Joel, Saul, Joss, Seth, Guy, Rafe, Jethro, Jerome, Rory, Toby, Ronan
Don’t think Seb works as a full name, Remy just makes me think balding middle aged French bloke

For girls - Zoe, Ida, Laurel, Thora, Oona, Stella, Jocelyn, Arran, Robin, Rowan, Astrid

I always think Ada is quite hard for some reason, Erin is a bit sad and 90s

GreyGoose1980 · 14/09/2022 21:13

Your girls names are lovely. I would use Sebastian rather than Seb. I don’t really like Remy. Jude is okay.

Autumnsunbaby · 14/09/2022 21:13

Thanks for your input everyone.

Jude and Ivy were our favourites and are probably what we will use, just wanted to cement the decision and this has helped!
Regarding the middle names, totally agree with them being 'stronger' sounding, so are the middle names of our other two... a short name followed by a classic more traditional name so trying to keep a bit of a theme running through 😁

Exciting! Just need the baby now!

OP posts:
Hesma · 14/09/2022 21:18

Jude and Erin would be my choices from those listed

Mumofgirls2017 · 14/09/2022 21:48

All ok, favourites Jude and Ivy

ChillysWaterBottle · 16/09/2022 14:11

Jude and Ivy or Erin x

Purpletopaz42 · 16/09/2022 18:31

I like Jude and Ivy the best, they sound really nice.

Other possible short names that you could have are Joel, Alec, Ava, Sky, Kiera

Vitamm · 16/09/2022 18:49

Remy is lovely!

For girls, I love Ivy but it's the most common of these I'd say. Erin would be more unique (but not quite as nice as Ivy I think).

WinterCarlisle · 16/09/2022 18:53

Jude or Erin.


user1492757084 · 25/09/2022 16:21

Joe Oscar
Todd Oscar
Ivy Charlotte
Lucy Charlotte

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