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Help-5 days to go - looking for a Welsh Boys name!

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Budcat · 23/01/2008 12:47

Help, running out of time and need to find a Welsh Boy's name. I am welsh, live in England and DH (English) wants to give DS2 a welsh name like his brother. Have looked through so many lists and books but many names will not be pronounable in England due to the language barrier. Can anybody suggest phonetic welsh boys names?

So annoying that have no problems with girls names - Ffion Lowri but it ain't going to happen!

OP posts:
LobstersLass · 27/01/2008 18:16

Gethin and Iestyn are the only 2 that non-Welsh speakes will be able to pronounce correctly without being tutored first.

KelaS · 27/01/2008 19:32

Ok, I am getting to this a bit late, and haven't read the whole thread, so don't know if this has been suggested, but my dad is welsh, and his name is Vaughan - no real problems with pronounciation, only thing is people tend to miss the a at the end.

WestCountryLass · 27/01/2008 21:12

I have no idea how to pronounce Iestyn, Eye-ez-tin, Ice-tyn??

I would imagine Gethin will be mega popular, so I vote for

Califrau · 27/01/2008 21:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bestignored · 27/01/2008 21:26

I think Gethin is a lovely name

ummmm....don't know who Gethin was on strictly though, if I did maybe that would affect how I feel about it ...although (from comments on this thread) maybe it would improve my feelings about it even more

3andnomore · 27/01/2008 22:31

I quite like Gwilym and Rhys (both names I liked for my ms....but weren't to be for different reasons....)

honey2theb · 28/01/2008 23:48

ive got a friend called gethin! love it
My cousin is called evan, which is quite nice too!

i like Blaidd, it means wolf!

thelittleElf · 28/01/2008 23:54

I love the name osian. It's the name of my welsh friends youngest son, and it's pronounced as its written. Phonetically it's os-e-an.

3andnomore · 29/01/2008 12:53

Bryn is nice,too...
and Owain is welsh, isn't it?

ThreeBluecubs · 01/02/2008 12:47


dirtygertiefromnumber30 · 01/02/2008 12:59

i like the name Caden (welsh for spirit of the battle)

delcymru · 01/02/2008 13:52

Iwan is good, easy to pronounce although will probably be spelt the Scottish way.
Any name with dd , ll or th in it will be awkward for any non welsh. My DP'S name is Dylan but it gets pronounced Dillon everywhere outside Wales. We're in the process of looking for Welsh names that are a little different to everyone else and we live in Wales. My other 3 kids have fairly non-welsh names but this is my Dp and mines 1st and he'd rather something welsh, but everything I like he does'nt and vice versa.The only thing is in the having to spell it out constantly to everyone but at least no one in your area will have the same name as him.
Cynyr is different and I qite like Dion too.

Budcat · 10/02/2008 19:52

Just to let everyone who helped know, we finally settled on Gethin. Decided as he came around the screen in theatre, all dark spiky hair 8 pounds 10. Many thanks again!

DH's facist old Gran hates it - can't have received a better compliment!

OP posts:
llareggub · 10/02/2008 20:26

lovely name!

wilbur · 10/02/2008 20:33

Lovely name! Congrats and welcome to little Gethin.

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