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Help-5 days to go - looking for a Welsh Boys name!

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Budcat · 23/01/2008 12:47

Help, running out of time and need to find a Welsh Boy's name. I am welsh, live in England and DH (English) wants to give DS2 a welsh name like his brother. Have looked through so many lists and books but many names will not be pronounable in England due to the language barrier. Can anybody suggest phonetic welsh boys names?

So annoying that have no problems with girls names - Ffion Lowri but it ain't going to happen!

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zebedee1 · 23/01/2008 16:39

I am english and DP is welsh, we have a baby DS called Evan.

Budcat · 23/01/2008 16:39

Thank you so much for the ideas everybody- really liking some of the new ones here! Part of the problem is that I have 3 brothers, a Dad and a succession of uncles all with good Welsh names, which has really limited the scope!

Catgirl - thankyou so much for your kind offer - we also have that T-shirt - it has to be done! I love the name Ffion...

Anchovy - DS1 is a 4 year old Gwilym and very proud of his name. Gwil for short. Thanks for mentioning, if a treasured dream.

Listmaker - have been liking 'Gethin' quite a lot. Think I may have scuppered this with DH by my and DS1's slightly over enthusiastic support of the devine Gethin during Strictly.

Any other suggestions very gratefuly received...

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Kneehighinnappies · 23/01/2008 16:40


hanaflower · 23/01/2008 16:41

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Peachy · 23/01/2008 16:42


We nearly went for Ianto but decided torchwood was set too damn close!

I have a book of welsh and celtic names, if you want it just CAt me (free obv)- we've settled on a name now and this is the last baby.

duchesse · 23/01/2008 16:47

A friend of mine has a Iestyn
Another has a Rhys- his dad is a Gethin
Daffyd just makes me think of the Little Britain character- I know I shouldn't but I cant help it.

luvaduck · 23/01/2008 16:47

Llewellyn - shortened to lewi (pronounced louis)

cece · 23/01/2008 16:50

this website you can search by origin. 100s of welsh names.

Blandmum · 23/01/2008 17:34


I teach in England, and the kds don't have problems with Gareth

And Rhys

NatalieJane · 23/01/2008 17:37

I quite like Aled...

Kitti · 23/01/2008 17:53

I love the name Brynn for a boy.

DumbledoresGirl · 23/01/2008 17:55

My vote is for Gwyn. I always wanted a son called Gwyn but I am not Welsh and married a man with Irish heritage so all my boys have Irish names instead.

duchesse · 23/01/2008 18:09

here's another page of male welsh names. Looks like there are some really unusual ones on there.

beaniesteve · 23/01/2008 18:53

if you chose Iwan it's Iwan with an I not E, Ewan is scottish.

beaniesteve · 23/01/2008 18:55

Oh - what about Nye? as in Aneurin

soozze · 23/01/2008 23:12

I love idris

moondog · 23/01/2008 23:14


I have an Aneirin Hedd

Katiekin · 23/01/2008 23:27

some of the boys in our welsh school are called
Mareddudd (Meredith in english)
Iain (pronounced YI-ann)
Hope that helps

duchesse · 23/01/2008 23:28

I love the name Meredith. Would have loved to give it to a child of mine.

moondog · 23/01/2008 23:29

Meredydd is a good boy's name.

edam · 23/01/2008 23:34

glad to see my ds's name has a few approving mentions on here.

My runners up were Bryn, Owain or Lloyd. Taliesin would have been lovely - the sound and the history - but dh vetoed.

TigerFeet · 23/01/2008 23:41

dd has a friend called Osian (osh-AN), gorgeous name

used to go to university with a Talfan (Talvin) who was unsurprisingly known as Taff

Janni · 23/01/2008 23:46

I love Ieuan (if that's the one pronounced Johann). Can't go wrong with Gareth either.

Califrau · 24/01/2008 00:07

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Susiemj · 24/01/2008 00:25

There are many lovely ones here but Ilove Aled. And all the kids I teach called Aled are lovely too!

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