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Who has an Ethan?

11 replies

Ikeatears · 07/09/2022 00:28

My friend is about to have a baby boy and has chosen Ethan. She. Wants a middle name. What middle names have your Ethans got?

OP posts:
Lilacsunflowers · 07/09/2022 07:47

Why doesn't she choose a name she likes, perhaps a family name?

Ikeatears · 07/09/2022 11:57

She has a VERY small family and no names that she thinks are suitable. Just looking for ideas.

OP posts:
Shesellsseashellsh · 07/09/2022 22:28

I don’t have an Ethan but I like monosyllabic / short middle names with it :
Ethan James
Ethan Briar
Ethan Ray

Confusedallthetime · 07/09/2022 22:29

I have an Ethan James.

RufustheFloralmissingreindeer · 07/09/2022 22:35


Daisybuttercup12345 · 07/09/2022 23:15

Ethan James
Ethan George
Ethan Robert
Ethan Henry
Ethan Matthew.
Ethan Rory
Ethan Samuel

ChagSameachDoreen · 08/09/2022 08:25

Either very short or very long.

Ethan Lee
Ethan Stone
Ethan Ray

Or very long.

Ethan Bartholomew
Ethan Alexander
Ethan Sebastian

SmellsLikeMiddleAgeSpirit · 08/09/2022 08:28

My nephew is Ethan Alexander.

Jemmajemma · 12/09/2022 21:28

I have Ethan Ryan

monty09 · 12/09/2022 21:31

I have an Ethan Henry

Tigger85 · 13/09/2022 21:45

My middle son is Ethan Rhys

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