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Would you use these names together?

26 replies

babynamequestion · 31/08/2022 14:35

I like the name Anna as a first name, but we are thinking of using Elsa as one of two middle names after a family member.

Is this OK or is the Frozen connection too much?

For context, we live in a country where I don't think Frozen was quite such a massive hit.


OP posts:
ThatshallotBaby · 31/08/2022 14:38

Could you have 2 middle names?
Anna Joy Elsa?

SophiaLarsen · 31/08/2022 14:39

Hmm. Good point about the Frozen link but it might not be so strong when she's older and it's not like you're thinking about Snow White. How about Anna insert middle name then Elsa?

Like Anna Marie Elsa.

Mummytobe333 · 31/08/2022 14:53

the name Anna and Elsa automatically make me think of Frozen just as separate names, together even more so. Personally I wouldn’t.

babynamequestion · 31/08/2022 15:00

Elsa would be one of two middle names, not sure about the order yet.

OP posts:
babynamequestion · 31/08/2022 15:01

Although thinking about it, the other name begins with Na, so Elsa would have to come first really.

OP posts:
toastofthetown · 31/08/2022 15:04

It’s very very Frozen. Frozen is one of the biggest breakout movies Disney has had in years. It’s had a sequel with cinematic release and a broadway/west end show off the back of it, and it’s not even ten years old. Even breaking up the name as Anna Penelope Elsa still screams Frozen to me, and I’d probably say something like ‘oh, like Frozen?’. Obviously I don’t know where you live, but Frozen is the highest grossing Disney movie in over 45 countries, so that connection will be there for a lot of the world too. Personally I wouldn’t but only you can decide if it’s too much for you. But I wouldn’t underestimate how strong the Frozen connection might be if it would bother you to hear comments about it.

KirstenBlest · 31/08/2022 15:07

I think you need to let it go

Thesefeetaremadeforwalking · 31/08/2022 15:10

Anna and Elsa are both lovely names but 'Anna Elsa' doesn't flow because they both start with a vowel.

Try Anna Jane, Anna Mary, Anna Christine, Anna Louise etc.

Just my opinion...

TopGolfer · 31/08/2022 15:11

I agree, let it go.

20viona · 31/08/2022 15:13

No I wouldn't and they sound terrible together.

WaltzingWaters · 31/08/2022 15:13

I’d automatically think you were huge somewhat obsessive frozen fans! Sorry.

LionessesRules · 31/08/2022 15:14

I don't think you can have e.g. Anna Elsa Nadine because of the vowels between Anna and Elsa.

You also can't have Anna Nadine Elsa because of the na na.

So, one of the names needs changing. Sorry.

StopFeckingFaffing · 31/08/2022 15:15

I think you need to let it go

Lol! You'd be setting your DD up for a lifetime of jokes like this so it's a no from me

Montgomerymmoose · 31/08/2022 15:15

Let it go , It doesn't flow 🎶.

CassandraBarrett · 31/08/2022 15:22

Could you go with Hannah instead of Anna?

babynamequestion · 31/08/2022 15:27

CassandraBarrett · 31/08/2022 15:22

Could you go with Hannah instead of Anna?

Nobody in this country can pronounce the letter H so Hannah would become Anna anyway!

OP posts:
fruitbrewhaha · 31/08/2022 15:31

Anna Olaf Elsa

viques · 31/08/2022 15:31

Elsan, unless you have caravanning@ friends no one will laugh…..honestly.

EleanorShellstrop28 · 31/08/2022 15:48

I think it's WAY too Frozen

Luredbyapomegranate · 31/08/2022 21:52

Apart from frozen, but Anna Elsa doesn’t work. Anna Elizabeth or Anna Elise would though.

Luredbyapomegranate · 31/08/2022 21:53

babynamequestion · 31/08/2022 15:27

Nobody in this country can pronounce the letter H so Hannah would become Anna anyway!

What country can’t pronounce H?

babynamequestion · 01/09/2022 09:10

Luredbyapomegranate · 31/08/2022 21:53

What country can’t pronounce H?

The French.

OP posts:
babynamequestion · 01/09/2022 09:27

There is actually a Hannah here - not French - and absolutely everyone except me calls her Anna.

OP posts:
MagnoliatheMagnificent · 01/09/2022 09:32

Anna rather than 'Arna'as in Frozen is fine. And mostly people don't use middle names much. But when you tell people you will most likely get the Frozen comments but do you really care?!

Citylife · 02/09/2022 21:14

I don’t think it matters. All you hear on here is people saying middle names don’t matter! Now all of a sudden they do! If you want it have it

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