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Using a name that's very popular

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bananasinpyjamasbutnottheremake · 30/08/2022 17:46

I am seven and a half months pregnant with my first dd (already have a 3 year old ds). My dh wants to call our dd Ottilie- after his sister. It's a really beautiful name and I really like it but I'm aware of how popular it's become- I realise Zoella's dd is called Ottilie so that will make the name more popular but there are also quite a few in our area who are a bit older than her dd so I think the name was becoming quite popular anyway. I suppose I'm worried that the name will date if it's too popular now and also that there will be loads in her class. I grew up towards the late 90s and have a name that was very popular (there were 3 in my class alone at primary school) and it does feel quite a dated name now. I really love the name though and when we had ds it was always the name we thought we'd use if we had a girl. I was just wondering if anyone knows a lot of Ottilie's and also what you think of the name? Thank you

OP posts:
carefullycourageous · 30/08/2022 17:48

I think it is best to choose a name because you love it. It doesn't matter if a name dates IMO, as people date anyway. The personal connection makes the name special.

PrimroseWharf · 30/08/2022 17:49

It’s a nice name and has a personal meaning for you. Absolutely use it.

DeeDeeDaisy · 30/08/2022 17:50

I don't know a single Ottilie and I work in a primary school. The only one I've heard of is Zoella's, as you mentioned!
I think it's a lovely name and still quite unusual where I am - I mentioned it to my DH as I'm also 7 months pregnant and he had never even heard of it.

Craftybodger · 30/08/2022 17:56

I know 2, they’re both teenagers.

Most importantly choose a name you love, it sounds like you do so it’s a great choice.

bananasinpyjamasbutnottheremake · 30/08/2022 17:57

Thank you all. My dh doesn't worry about it dating either- his sister is a bit older than us and it doesn't seem dated when we talk about her- it just didn't seem so popular until the last few years

OP posts:
DuchessOfSausage · 30/08/2022 17:58

It isn't all that popular, but that doesn't necessarily mean that she won't be one of several. shows a steeply rising trend

I think that the german pronunciation is nice, but the english one isn't

bananasinpyjamasbutnottheremake · 30/08/2022 18:00

@DuchessOfSausage That's interesting thank you! It's definitely risen steeply in the past 10 years!

OP posts:
MassiveSalad22 · 30/08/2022 18:04

Does it matter if a name dates? I can’t think of many people I know who don’t have a name of the era they were born. If you love it, use it!

Holly60 · 30/08/2022 18:06

Names are popular because they are nice names imo.

It's a beautiful name OP and actually I've not heard of a single one round here.

Use the name you love and don't worry about anything else.

Ragged · 30/08/2022 18:10

I had to think hard about who Zoella might be.
2 DC have top 3 names (from their era, these DC are now adults). They have never expressed dislike of their names being popular. Seem very happy with their names.

Honouring your DH's sister sounds lovely.

RaininSummer · 30/08/2022 18:11

I don't thinks a common name at all is it. In 20 years of teaching and several in a public service role, I have never come across an Ottilie.

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