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Thoughts on this boy’s name

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Silentfitness · 26/07/2022 00:26


middle names Michael Ray

Surname begins with a V

OP posts:
Aquamarine1029 · 26/07/2022 00:27

No, sorry.

Sandysandwich · 26/07/2022 00:29

Deacon like the people below priests?

GreenTeaPingPong · 26/07/2022 00:29

It's a job in a Christian church, below vicar or priest.

TheStarsDontShine · 26/07/2022 00:36

It was also sadly used as an insult when I was at school

IdisagreeMrHochhauser · 26/07/2022 00:39

I don't think it's a name. Dickon is a name. I used to know a Dickon.

HarrietSchulenberg · 26/07/2022 00:51

Yes, as PP said, people of a certain generation (mine, sadly) used it as an insult. Came from a Blue Peter appeal to build a home for Joey Deacon, a man with cerebral palsy.
There's also the church associations, and it makes me think of Deacon Blue (a band that were around in the late 80s).

MysticCT · 26/07/2022 00:51

I don't mind it, it makes think of the US sitcom King of Queens.

AuntTwacky · 26/07/2022 00:57


Deacon blue
Pick a proper name

MarmiteCoriander · 26/07/2022 01:05

So the initials would be DV as in diarrhoea and vomiting? (maybe you aren't aware if you don't work in healthcare?)

I've only heard of the name in terms of a Christian church. Personally don't like it as a name.

AmandaMirandaPanda · 26/07/2022 01:10

It's definitely a name; may be used more often in the USA I think. Never heard it as an insult. The clerical use of Deacon comes from the Greek word for servant (presumably of the Church), so the name may come directly from the root rather than being a title name like Duke or Earl or Baron. Or it could be from the surname?

RoseMartha · 26/07/2022 01:10

No it is not a name, and as as another poster said the initials dont go well together. But if you are set on a d name I think Declan is better.

Silentfitness · 26/07/2022 01:51

It’s probably more used in the US where I’m from then! Live in UK now so will rethink!

OP posts:
Depoisthedevil · 26/07/2022 07:04

I love Deacon as a name.

Cindie943811A · 26/07/2022 08:08

Likely to be shortened to “Deak” which is not at all attractive.

Mammyloveswine · 26/07/2022 08:52

Ah I like Deacon but I love the character in Nashville!

MarmiteCoriander · 26/07/2022 19:22

Initially skim read it as Declan.

RuthW · 26/07/2022 21:53

I know a teenage Deacon.

There are lots of better names about.

France98 · 27/07/2022 00:35

Reese Witherspoon has a son called Deacon. If it's good enough for her...

I wouldn't ask mumsnet for an opinion on a name as generally, they only seem to like the 'classics'.

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