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Oscar or Sebastian

10 replies

girlfromsurrey · 24/07/2022 21:13

Oscar or Sebastian? Which one do you think we should go for? Older brother is called Nicholas.

We can't decide which we prefer!

OP posts:
fatlazycow · 24/07/2022 21:18

Like both but Sebastian tops it for me

GoldenSpiral · 24/07/2022 21:19

I prefer Oscar as it goes with Nicholas slightly better imo. I do like Sebastian too though.

EternalPoinsettia · 24/07/2022 21:19


ChristmasJumpers · 24/07/2022 21:20

Sebastian for me

BronwenFrideswide · 24/07/2022 21:22

Oscar, I think it's a great name.

Dippydonky · 24/07/2022 21:25

I’m go Oscar…. Better for shouting! As in ‘Oscar, Nicholas come down for dinner’.

Although both Nicholas and Sebastian could be shortened for ‘nicknames’…. As someone with a name which doesn’t make for a good ‘nickname’ I envy those who can! But then my Dad is very anti-nickname.

maryanne22 · 24/07/2022 21:25


SapphosRock · 24/07/2022 21:40

Both great names! Oscar just has the edge.

User6761 · 24/07/2022 22:09

Do you shorten Nicholas to Nick? If so Sebastien could work well....Nick and Seb sound like great names for brothers. (The two Sebastien's I know are always called Seb by everyone apart from their mothers - so I think it's almost inevitable Sebastien will be a Seb).

If you don't shorten Nicholas then as a PP says, Oscar might work better - less of a mouthful when both names said together!

MinglingFlamingo · 24/07/2022 22:09


It's near the top of my list if I have a DS

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