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mistygem · 24/07/2022 12:16

Thoughts on these:
Emmeline - [emmeleen]
Evangeline - [avanjeleen]
Madeleine - [mad-LEHN]

OP posts:
ariesalien · 24/07/2022 12:20

Beatrice - hate
Bridget - don't like. unsure if it could grow on me but seems so dated
Cecily - awful
Charlotte - too overused and boring
Cordelia - actually like
Emmeline - don't like
Evangeline - not keen but like nn Evie
Isabella - much prefer Isabelle
Madeleine - I like, like nn Maddie too
Rosabelle - really don't like
Rosamund - hate
Stephanie - don't like. much prefer Stevie

Sorry - just different tastes!

Sallycorriander · 24/07/2022 12:23

Beatrice is the only one I'd consider. And that's mostly because Bea is a cute nickname.
Isabella is quite pretty but very common.

clpsmum · 24/07/2022 12:25

A lot of them are boring names trying not to sound boring imo

oakleaffy · 24/07/2022 12:35

They all seem quite old fashioned, I know a lovely Whippet called Rosamund- Shortened to “Mundi” as Rosamund means “ Rose of the World”

Rosie is a sweet name- Never met an unkind Rosie.

Names have such associations with them,
If someone knows a mean person, then that name is tainted.
Go with whatever name feels right to you, No matter what you choose, people will either like or dislike it, so does it really matter what others think?

Fivemoreminutes1 · 24/07/2022 13:13

The only two I wouldn’t go for myself are Bridget and Stephanie

pinklavenders · 24/07/2022 13:19

Love Madeleine pronounced Mad-LEHN. So much prettier than the MAD-len pronunciation you sometimes get in the UK

MumofSpud · 24/07/2022 13:33

Beatrice - love Bea as a NN
Bridget - ok
Cecily Yes
Charlotte No
Cordelia ok
Emmeline - [emmeleen] Yes
Evangeline - [avanjeleen] love!
Isabella no
Madeleine - [mad-LEHN] no
Rosabelle/Rosabel no - spelt -lle
Rosamund yes
Stephanie no (too adult?!)

Theoldwoman · 24/07/2022 14:16

Love Charlotte, Beatrice and Bridget.

Primatrying · 24/07/2022 14:21

Beatrice - dislike. I think of beetroot unfortunately.
Bridget - love. I don't know any.
Cecily - ok
Charlotte - nice but common and a bit dull
Cordelia - love
Emmeline - [emmeleen] - ok
Evangeline - [avanjeleen] - like, but will probably just end up being yet another Evie/Ava.
Isabella - nice but common and a bit dull
Madeleine - [mad-LEHN] - unfortunately I don't like Maddy, so no.
Rosabelle/Rosabel - dislike. Too frilly.
Rosamund - love
Stephanie - love

grumpynamechange · 24/07/2022 14:33

Beatrice - nice, but prefer Beatrix - a bit more interesting
Bridget - I'm torn about this name. Can't decide if I like it or hate it
Cecily - cute
Charlotte - nice but a little boring
Cordelia - i used to dislike this name, something about the 'cord' sound. Then it temporarily grew on me as a full name, although no nice nicknames. But then I went off it again and decided that it sounds like the name of a mean, spoilt character from a book.
Emmeline - [emmeleen] - cool
Evangeline - [avanjeleen] - nice but I usually hear it pronounced with a short 'e' sound at the beginning like 'Ev-an-je-leen' and also, I'd assume you were very religious if that bothers you..also might become yet another Evie
Isabella - done to death
Madeleine - [mad-LEHN] - I'd never pronounce this name this way - with two syllables nor have I ever heard it pronounced with two syllables? So this might cause confusion
Rosabelle/Rosabel - a bit frilly
Rosamund - to me the 'mund' sound is so ugly
Stephanie - actually really nice but a bit dated

Beatrice, Cecily or Emmeline are the best

C0mfyChairP0se · 24/07/2022 14:38

Beatrice - quite like the style of it but the ssss at the end is sharp. Prefer Beatrix for some reason.
Bridget - I think it will come back but it hasn't yet.
Cecily - Very sharp, all those essss sounds. Celia a million times better
Charlotte - ok I like Lottie
Cordelia - I like Delia for short
Emmeline - No, too long, just use Emma
Evangeline - No hate the vange sound and then followed up with leeen. Not keen.
Isabella - Ok, prefer the simpler isobel
Madeleine - No.
Rosabelle - No, but if you'd said Cristabel I would say that's nice
Rosamund - No, have a relative with this name. It's a bit hard. Rosa is better.
Stephanie - Love it!

Kanaloa · 24/07/2022 14:39

Beatrice - really pretty, like this name
Bridget - sounds a bit harsh to me
Cecily - don’t like the sound of it and it seems a bit wet/weak for some reason
Charlotte - okay. Popular but for good reason
Cordelia - beautiful and a bit different
Emmeline - [emmeleen] - it’s nice. If you would get annoyed by it being pronounced to rhyme with pine then I wouldn’t use it
Evangeline - [avanjeleen] - it’s okay, nice enough
Isabella - okay, very popular but nice enough
Madeleine - [mad-LEHN] - I’ve never heard it said like that. It’s usually mad-eh-len. I think if you’re very attached to people saying madLEHN then I probably wouldn’t use as it will annoy you to hear it said wrongly all the time
Rosabelle/Rosabel - not keen
Rosamund - okay. There are lots of Rosies at the moment though
Stephanie - I’m not really keen on this. It seems a bit dated - I work with loads of Stephs who are older than me

bitelover · 24/07/2022 16:14

Beatrice - Never been my favourite but I think it's a nice name. It's classic without being overused and has good namesakes/references.
Bridget - Nice, classic but a bit dated on the Irish community, if that matters to you.
Cecily - I prefer Cecilia myself. I feel this would be mispronounced a lot as Sicily, which could get annoying.
Charlotte - Fine though very popular.
Cordelia - I really like this name.
Emmeline - [emmeleen] - Nice.
Evangeline - [avanjeleen] - Not entirely sure about your pronunciation (I would pronounce the first syllable a bit differently) but I do love this name.
Isabella - Nice name though a bit overdone. I've always preferred Isabel myself.
Madeleine - [mad-LEHN] - I really can't see it being pronounced that way in the UK. I think you would get Mad-uh-lyn (as in McCann) all the time.
Rosabelle/Rosabel - I'm not a huge fan of this, to be honest. It seems like a bit of a made-up name compared to Rose/Rosa or Isabel.
Rosamund - I've never been a fan but I think it's okay. I don't love the shortening Roz though.
Stephanie - Fine but seems a bit dated.

DuchessOfSausage · 24/07/2022 16:28

Beatrice - ok
Bridget - ok but Jones
Cecily - Cicely is nicer, not keen
Charlotte - nice
Cordelia - ok but a bit long
Emmeline - [emmeleen] - prefer Emma
Evangeline - [avanjeleen] - too long, too many Evie/Eva/Ava type names around
Isabella - too popular and too long
Madeleine - [mad-LEHN] - ok but not keen on Maddie. People will call her Madduhlyn
Rosabelle/Rosabel - too frilly
Rosamund - ok
Stephanie - ok but seems a bit dated

Titsflyingsouth · 24/07/2022 16:35

we have different tastes for sure, Op. most of these are too long and girly for me. The only ones I like Beatrice (nn Bea) and Rosamund (nn Rosie)

ofwarren · 24/07/2022 16:55

A beautiful choice of names!

Beatrice - Love
Bridget - It's ok
Cecily - Like but prefer Cecilia
Charlotte - Love but quite popular
Cordelia - like
Emmeline - [emmeleen] - Love
Evangeline - [avanjeleen] - A bit harsh sounding but don't hate it.
Isabella - like but quite popular
Madeleine - [mad-LEHN] - Love
Rosabelle/Rosabel - Like, prefer the Rosabelle spelling
Rosamund - Like
Stephanie - Very different from the rest, a bit of an 80s vibe but I like it.

Ganymedemoon · 24/07/2022 16:56

I only really like Beatrice but prefer Beatrix. Was put choice for DS should he have been DD. Love nn Bea.

RuthW · 24/07/2022 17:50

Beatrice - love
Bridget - dislike alot
Cecily - love esp shortening CeCe
Charlotte - boring
Cordelia - one of my fav names
Emmeline - [emmeleen] ok
Evangeline - [avanjeleen] lovely
Isabella - ok if you want 6 in a class
Madeleine - [mad-LEHN] awful especially with that pronunciation
Rosabelle/Rosabel - nice, love Rosa
Rosamund - awful
Stephanie- very 80s

Mumofgirls2017 · 24/07/2022 17:57

Beatrice- not a fan, a bit frumpy and hefty
Bridget- but for some reason I like this 😂
Cecily-ok but means blind
Charlotte- boring
Cordelia- posh old lady
Emmeline - [emmeleen]- like but might get shortened to Emmie
Evangeline - [avanjeleen]- like but might get shortened to Evie
Isabella- boring
Madeleine - [mad-LEHN]- like but associated with McCann
Rosabelle/Rosabel- sounds made up
Rosamund- frumpy
Stephanie- dated

AssignedSlytherinAtBirth · 24/07/2022 18:02

I think they're all perfectly good names that no-one could object to. I've never heard of Rosabel and that's the only one I would advise against using, as although it's pretty it might get some wtf? reactions.

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