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Orangebeanie · 22/07/2022 21:35

Considering the name isabelle/isabel/isobel...but we have a cat called Bella. Are the names too similar??
Nn would be izzy - not Bella.

(I do prefer Isabella but for me, it is definitely too similar!)

OP posts:
RuthW · 22/07/2022 22:16

Too similar in my opinion

SpaceJamtart · 22/07/2022 22:27

I'm not sure why but Isobel/ Isabel seems seperate from Bella and feels fine
Isabelle/Isabella way closer and a bit like you picked a name to match the cat

craggydragon · 22/07/2022 22:42

It's a no from me. Also because Isabelle/Izzy/Bella is such a boring and overused name sorry to say. Even worse if you have two in the house!

topshotta · 22/07/2022 23:07

Yea it's the same name

DuggeeHugPlease · 23/07/2022 08:47

I'd remember that you're naming the child for life and with the best will in the world the cat won't be around forever so I wouldn't let that be a factor. As an adult nobody ever asks me what my childhood pets were called!

Ps I love the name Isabelle

RosiePosie27 · 23/07/2022 08:48

I LOVE Isabelle (DDs middle name and so pretty!). I love Isabella too ❤️

summerlovinvibes · 23/07/2022 09:02

It's for vote for Isabel for me (I have one named after my mums middle name). Love it and don't think the cat name is an issue / too similar. Go for it!

Ontomatopea · 23/07/2022 09:10

You can't guarantee she won't want to go by belle. However I think they are all lovely names. I prefer Isobel

ItsReallyOnlyMe · 23/07/2022 09:13

If you like Isabelle then I would use it, your daughter's name should override that of your cats.

user1492757084 · 23/07/2022 10:32

The cat will not live nearly as long as your daughter so use the name Isabelle in whatever form you prefer if you really love it.

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