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Ewan name associations??

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kbc · 03/07/2022 18:52


My husband and I live in the US but are planning a move to the UK or Ireland in the next couple years (I'm an Irish dual citizen). Currently TTC and getting a start on our baby name list 🥰

The only boys name we both really love is Ewan. When I started doing searches about it, Ewan the Dream Sheep was coming up a lot on UK message boards... I had never heard of it before so I'm guessing it's primarily a UK thing?

My question is, how much do you associate Ewan the name with "the dream sheep"? Will it be the first thing people think of? For example over here in the states, if I child is named Oscar the first thing people associate it with is Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street. That's kind of what we want to avoid in picking a name - anything with an unavoidable association that would be the first thing you'd think of. Of course I know with any name there's a chance that it will end up being associated with some pop culture phenomenon down the line!

My second question would be what kind of associations you have with the name Ewan? It's hard for us being from the US to know what kind of reputation certain names have in the UK. For example, over here the name Chad would be associated with a kind of dumb jock type, and a name like Josh or Ashley screams 1980's/90's. Any thoughts on the kind of "vibe" you get from Ewan?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts! 🥰

OP posts:
ofwarren · 03/07/2022 18:53

I think of the actor Ewan McGregor. No weird associations for me at all.

Mol1628 · 03/07/2022 18:54

Ewan mcgregor. It’s a lovely name!

craggydragon · 03/07/2022 18:55

I did think of the sheep but it's fleeting. I know a few Ewans and I don't think of it with them, it's a nice name

TeddyTonks · 03/07/2022 18:55

I do think of the dream sheep immediately tbh, but we used one every day for approx 3 years 🤣

It's not a negative though so don't let it put you off.

No other obvious associations to me.

coolbottlesummer · 03/07/2022 18:55

I'm wouldn't associate it at all. I do prefer the spelling Euan though.

cliffdiver · 03/07/2022 18:55

I did immediately think of Ewan the Dream Sheep.

However, it doesn't put me off the name at all.

SwayingInTime · 03/07/2022 18:55

My head said sheep but I had no idea why. It wouldn’t put me off a name I liked though.

Pudsocks · 03/07/2022 18:56

Ewan McGregor for me too. I didn't even think of Ewan the Dream Sheep and we had the glowing heartbeating little bugger on every night for about 2 years!

dementedpixie · 03/07/2022 18:56

I'm in Scotland and have a Ewan
Also could be spelled Euan

FiveHargreeves · 03/07/2022 18:57

SwayingInTime · 03/07/2022 18:55

My head said sheep but I had no idea why. It wouldn’t put me off a name I liked though.

Me too!

My dc are older teenagers, born far after the dream sheep. I don't even know what is is. But when I read the question...I thought Sheep 🐑🐑🐑

PurpleVioletBlue · 03/07/2022 18:58

I thought of the sleep sheep. We had one. But to be honest, it didn't work and we used it for such a short time - I don't think it's a big cultural reference point, so it wouldn't put me off using it. I think people are more likely to think of Ewan McGregor . It's a nice name. I prefer Ioan I think.

RedLorryTime · 03/07/2022 18:59

I thought McGregor and sheep.

KendallRoysRabbit · 03/07/2022 19:00

Have never heard of the dream sheep! My DC are 12 and 14 so perhaps this is a more recent thing?

But anyway Ewan is a lovely name - great choice Smile

SycamoreTall · 03/07/2022 19:02

McGregor (good association)
Dream Sheep (neutral association, and only people who've been parents in the last few years know this one)
Blair (child of former Prime Minister, not a major reference for most people)

I say, go for it.

SirChenjins · 03/07/2022 19:04

No negative associations - I would just think of the numerous Ewan’s and Euan’s I know with the name. It’s a great name 😊

KirstenBlest · 03/07/2022 19:23

You and?

SurpriseSurprise · 03/07/2022 19:24

I just thought of Tony Blair’s son

Changedmynamefor · 03/07/2022 19:26

I think of Ewan McGregor. The biggest issue I’ve seen with people who have it as a name is that it’s often spelt wrong (Euan) by others and they have to correct it.

I think it’s a great, classic name.

MassiveSalad22 · 03/07/2022 19:26

I don’t think of the dream sheep. In DS’ nursery class there are 2 Evans, a Euan and a Ewan. And an Ethan and an Ian. So it’s not an unusual in the slightest. (Ian absolutely is though now 😁)

Swedesareneeps · 03/07/2022 19:29

100% normal name in Scotland. You can spell it Euan rather than Ewan if you don't want it associated with MacGregor. Never heard of a dream sheep but do know six Euans of varying ages!

CassTheFox · 03/07/2022 19:30

My son is Ewan, we get loads of nice compliments on his name. Never heard anyone mention the dream sheep, Ewan McGregor occasionally but my son loves that his namesake is a Jedi ☺️

SmileyPiuPiu · 03/07/2022 19:32

I prefer Euan. I have heard of the dream sheep but it wasn't my first thought.

SpaceJamtart · 03/07/2022 19:32

I thought dream sheep, but its a fleeting reference
I used to think the same about Shaun because of Shaun the sheep but I know a man called Shaun and now I think of him when I hear the name.
Its nice but not a common name so in theory, its a sheep but when a there is a real person called Ewan, I wouldn't still be thinking about the dream sheep.

MumofSpud · 03/07/2022 19:33

The only association I have is my one - I have a Euan (he is 24 now)

Looking back we probably should have spelt it Ewan

He has been called Owen / Ian / Evan

He has never been in a class / school / job with another one

On his first Birthday I ordered a cake with his name on it, it came back 'Happy Birthday Buan'

When I complained I was told to just scratch the extra icing off the B Angry

We 'shorten' it to 'You/ ey' (don't know how to spell that!

Oldwomansweddingdress · 03/07/2022 19:34

I know an adult Ewan. He's a truly lovely, gentle, thoughtful person, so only good associations for me.

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