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Cheeseandlobster · 27/06/2022 17:11

Just seen this name in a book and think it's just beautiful. I am too old now for babies but just in case anyone is looking for a lovely girls name

OP posts:
Ncwinc · 27/06/2022 17:18

A name that sounds like orally is going to be tricky for a teenaged girl.

Cheeseandlobster · 27/06/2022 17:34

🤦‍♀️ Oh yes. I never thought of that. Beautiful name in France then 😁

OP posts:
Ncwinc · 27/06/2022 17:41

It’s a lovely name. I much prefer it to Aurelia but Aurelia is more popular in the U.K., possibly because of pronunciation issues.

KirstenBlest · 27/06/2022 19:12

nn Oral

Scirocco · 27/06/2022 19:42

It's beautiful, just a shame about where the English nicknames will inevitably go with it.

ChagSameachDoreen · 27/06/2022 19:42


daisypond · 27/06/2022 21:09

No, just doesn’t work in English.

Wannabeewallaby · 22/07/2022 23:46

Too orally! Lorelei?

CoraPirbright · 23/07/2022 17:51

Depends on how you pronounce it, I think.

Aurelia can be Ow-rail-eee-uh or Or-reel-eee-uh so possibly your Aurelie could be similar? The Ow sound (like when you hurt yourself) would make it less likely to be problematic (but its also less pretty imo)….

Jellybean23 · 23/07/2022 17:56

First thought was orally, then aurally, neither great

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