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Evangeline's middle name

35 replies

Ouchmytoe100 · 26/06/2022 07:22

Not set on Evangeline, just throwing it out there. My other children have middle names so while i know children don't HAVE to have middle names, i want to give this baby a middle or I'd feel sort of mean.

I can't think of any that sound nice.

OP posts:
SweatyChamoisPad · 26/06/2022 07:27

I know an Evangeline Rose - everyone calls her Evie Rose for short.

Mumofgirls2017 · 26/06/2022 07:46

Evangeline daisy
evangeline holly
evangeline florence
evangeline sophie
evangeline charlotte
evangeline lucy
evangeline pearl
evangeline opal
evangeline willow
evangeline ruby
evangeline hope
Evangeline freya
evangeline kate

DontLikeCoffee · 26/06/2022 07:56

Not Rose/Grace/May, every girl has them. Massively overused. Every Evie will be an Evie Rose or May, it’s boring.

BenCoopersSupportWren · 26/06/2022 08:30

Evangeline is a beautiful name. I think one-syllable middle names go best with a long first name. How about Evangeline Fleur or Evangeline Fay?

Bloominggoodvibes · 26/06/2022 08:45

Evangeline Ivy
Evangeline Una
Evangeline Sue
Evangeline Bea
Evangeline Beth
Evangeline Etta
Evangeline Iris
Evangeline Noa
Evangeline Luna
Evangeline Alice

I also think May goes Evangeline really well :)

Evangeline is such a beautiful name

Redrosesandsunsets · 26/06/2022 08:45


CourtneeLuv · 26/06/2022 09:32

Evangeline Maria

Ouchmytoe100 · 26/06/2022 11:59

I agree about the one syllable! I like:

Evangeline Bea
Evangeline Hope

How about Evangeline Joy?

I also love Evangeline Iris but is it a bit of a mouthful? And Evangeline Daisy is so cute too!

OP posts:
Fivemoreminutes1 · 26/06/2022 12:06

Evangeline Beatrix

Evangeline Pearl

Evangeline Belle

Evangeline Poppy

Evangeline Phoebe

Evangeline Primrose

Evangeline Fern

Evangeline Cora

Evangeline Martha

Evangeline Sophie

Pollywoddles · 26/06/2022 12:08

Evangeline Lily

Squashedraddish · 26/06/2022 12:09

Evangeline joy is beautiful

Kidsandcat · 26/06/2022 12:10

Evangeline Lila, Lily or Lydia

user1492757084 · 26/06/2022 12:38

Evangeline Joy
Evangeline Zoe
Evangeline Rebecca

MassiveSalad22 · 26/06/2022 13:27

Don’t know but have you heard Brandi Carlisle’s song The Mother? 😍 so good.

i want to say Evangeline Lily but I think that’s an acres from Lost.

CaffiSaliMali · 26/06/2022 14:10


FlipFlopShopInHawaii · 26/06/2022 14:16

Evangeline Joy is a lovely name 😊

mtw · 26/06/2022 14:22

I have an Evangeline!
Middle name is KateSmile

Theoldwoman · 26/06/2022 14:51

Evangeline Kate
Evangeline Frances
Evangeline Zara
Evangeline Beth

SunnyShiner · 26/06/2022 17:27

I thought Hope or Joy.

User0610134049 · 26/06/2022 17:28

Evangeline Joy immediately came into my mind

User0610134049 · 26/06/2022 17:29

Oh wrote that before reading thread and seeing it had already been mentioned!

SusieSimpleman · 26/06/2022 17:31

Evangeline Joy immediately came into my mind

Came on to say this exact thing after reading the op only...and can see Evangeline Joy already mentioned several times.

It's a lovely name, goes really well together.

itsgettingweird · 26/06/2022 17:32

Evangeline Rose was the first thing that came to mind.

Evangeline Grace
Evangeline Anne
Evangeline Louise

midsomermurderess · 26/06/2022 17:37


KirstenBlest · 26/06/2022 18:21

I'd rethink Evangeline as it is long and will probably end up being Eve/Eva/Evie, which are overused.

I'd go for a middle name that has some meaning to you, not the usual filler middle name nor a single syllable name like Joy, Hope, Faye.

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