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gemma1993 · 21/06/2022 19:14

Considering Theodore for DC2. However I have some reservations and they are:

  1. Is it crazy popular? And if so is it a quick ‘fad popular’ or is it going to stick around like Oliver etc has.
  2. I would want nn Theo and absolutely not Ted or Teddy. How avoidable is this?
  3. How many Theo’s and Theodores do you know?

and finally, what else might I like? Thanks!
OP posts:
toastofthetown · 21/06/2022 19:31

The DarkGreener website is great for things like this. Here are the charts for Theo and Theodore. Combining the spellings, there are more Theo & Theodores than Oliver. While a smaller percentage of babies are given the most popular names than a generation ago, I'd still call it crazy popular.

As for is it a fad, that's hard to tell as it's still rising. Personally, I'd be surprised if the popularity will last longer than this generation of babies, if that's what you mean by a fad. I think Theo(dore) will end up a 2020's names. Name trends these days tend to move faster than they did in the past.

I think Teddy is avoidable, as Theo is the more intuitive nickname and I can't see adults randomly calling him Teddy. There is always the chance that he would prefer Teddy for himself (but there's also always the chance that he'll use his middle name or change his name to something else).

Luluuuuuuuuuu85 · 21/06/2022 20:14

I know of 5 baby boys born since January and two of them are called Theodore! I love the name Theo, if that's what you want people to call him introduce him as that and it will be fine. My experience of shortening names is that most people don't unless they are very familiar with you, by which point they will know what your name is anyway!

DontLikeCoffee · 21/06/2022 20:14

I love Theo, but I’m biased as I have one! There are two more in his year at school. He’s not a Theodore though. I think it’s cute but works well when they’re older.

PaddleBoardingMomma · 21/06/2022 20:55

They are everywhere, it's like suddenly the only boys name anyone can think of is Theo! I personally dislike it, but they aren't my kids so 🤷🏼‍♀️

Luredbyapomegranate · 21/06/2022 23:45

It’s super popular and embedded like Oliver, so if that bothers you move on.

Theo is the standard nn, so wouldn’t worry about Teddy

UrsulaPandress · 21/06/2022 23:54

I know of several born in the last couple of years, plus a Theodora.

I even know of one couple who have a Teddy and have just named their newborn Theodore.

Classes will be full of them in a couple of years.

SpaceJamtart · 22/06/2022 00:20

I know 4 Theo's,
They are 22, 14, 2, and 3months
No idea if the older three are also Theodore, Theo is the normal nickname.
The baby is definitely a Theodore, he does not get called Teddy

SpaceJamtart · 22/06/2022 00:23

The collective Theo's I know have siblings James, Daniel, Archie, Clara, Harriet and Rosamund (Rosie)

pinklavenders · 22/06/2022 06:49

Theodore/Theo has been VERY popular for the last few years. There's at least two Theos in most schools/classes.

Personally I'd avoid it.

FayCarew · 22/06/2022 09:38

Theo is ok but I don't like Theodore.
Both are very popular and have been for years so he will always be Theo Surname

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