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Please help us decide

20 replies

Easter22bump · 20/06/2022 09:53

Can you help us decide from the shortlist for Maeve’s brother or sister. I’m Irish, DH is English and live in the UK.

girls names:


boys names:

not looking for any more suggestions for 1st names but would like girls middle name suggestions please 😊

OP posts:
SandyWedges · 20/06/2022 09:54

Orla and Rory

Cloud16 · 20/06/2022 09:55

Orla and Rory

JuneJubilee · 20/06/2022 10:06

Airofe is beautiful is said correctly, but I expect in England it won't be! If you're not open to other suggestions, I'd learn to cope with the awful pronunciation. Personally not keen on Orla. There are some other lovely Irish girls names though..

I like Darragh

but out of your two Rory

tadhg nice in an Irish accent, not in English. Tends to sound like an abbreviation of Tiger .

Best wishes for the safe arrival of DC2 😊

emmathedilemma · 20/06/2022 10:36

Nora or Rory

OnlyFoolsnMothers · 20/06/2022 10:38

Orla and Tadhg

Orla Rose?

xmasaries · 20/06/2022 10:45

Nora or Rory

SleepingStandingUp · 20/06/2022 11:01

It Depends where in the UK tbh. They're actually all lovely except Ailbhe which might but I haven't a clue on how to pronounce. I don't know if I'm pernickety Tadhg right either. If probably not pick something like this is most of the people they see for the first two decades will struggle to read their names. So Black Country? Prob not. Ireland? Well it depends how you pronounce Ailbhe

Mommabear20 · 20/06/2022 11:13

I like Nora but not keen on the other options

FayCarew · 20/06/2022 11:30

Orla - only if you don't mind hearing it as Awla
Nora - not keen
Aoife - ok but Eva is very popular, so a bit samey
Ailbhe - Is it Elva? Elvia?

Rory - ok, a bit boring, crap if you can't say R
Tadhg - will get misspelt, heard as Tiger, otherwise nice

ChagSameachDoreen · 20/06/2022 11:38

Nora or Tadgh

ChagSameachDoreen · 20/06/2022 11:39

Sorry - ignore my bad spelling!

FayCarew · 20/06/2022 11:44

middle name: not Rose, May or Grace, or Jay
They are all so dull. Pick a middle name you like or that has meaning to you

SycamoreTall · 20/06/2022 19:49

Aoife and Ailbhe (al-va) are both lovely, they are my favourites. Both would be nice with a middle name starting with a consonant.

Ailbhe Beatrice?
Aoife Julia?
Aoife Caroline?

Both Rory and Tadhg are brilliant.

Luredbyapomegranate · 20/06/2022 22:13

Orla and Rory

Orla Madeleine
Orla Marianne
Orla Vivienne
Orla Caroline
Orla Francesca
Orla Maria
Orla Sophia
Orla Frances
Orla Katherine
Orla Beatrice

Mumofgirls2017 · 22/06/2022 14:00

Orla and Tadhg but all will go great

orla Niamh
orla Grace
orla daisy
orla clementine
orla marigold
orla honey
orla wren
orla rosalie
orla caroline
orla catherine
orla jasmine
orla hope

user1492757084 · 26/06/2022 14:17

Aoife Catherine
Aoife Mary
Aoife Elizabeth
Aoife Bridget

choochooandspook · 28/06/2022 22:33

Aoife and Rory, hate Nora,

Butterbeer4All · 28/06/2022 22:39

Orla and Rory

Kite22 · 28/06/2022 22:43

Orla or Rory for me too.

AliBaliBears · 28/06/2022 23:09

Love all your names. I know an English Tadhg (Irish mum) and once people know how to pronounce it, it's not a problem.

I much prefer the spelling Norah to Nora. The latter looks incomplete to me.

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