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(First names) Given names for Females

23 replies

RegalChase · 30/05/2022 23:58

Which name has more style, substance, and a nice ring to it when pronounced? Write least to most preferred.

Cordelia: Latin name meaning “Heart, daughter of the sea” pronunciation may vary, for me it's Kor-dee-lee-uh

Liora or Leora: Hebrew name meaning “Light”

Eden: Hebrew name meaning “Place of Paradise, Delightful”

Amira or Amirah: Arabic name meaning “Princess “ pronounced ah-mee-rah or etc

Aurelia: Latin name meaning “the golden one” pronounced aw-reel-ya or a-ray-lee-a

Aurora: Latin name meaning “Dawn”
pronounced uh-raw-ruh


OP posts:
ChagSameachDoreen · 31/05/2022 07:43

Liora! Gorgeous meaning, beautiful sound.

Greatoutdoors · 31/05/2022 07:45

Eden or Summer. The others are a bit fussy for my taste.

Palavah · 31/05/2022 07:47


StageRage · 31/05/2022 07:49


SquigglePigs · 31/05/2022 07:50

Liora/Leora, Eden or Amira for me I think.

Aurora is lovely but I'm less sure about it on an adult than a child. I don't like Cordelia I'm afraid - it just sounds a bit clunky compared to the others.

SummaLuvin · 31/05/2022 08:46

Eden - no from me

Summer - no from me

Cordelia - don't like it much. I like Cornelia, however, and that would be become my second favourite after Aurelia. not just because of Taylor Swift

Amira/Amirah - not familiar with this name, it's fine, but don't think it is as mice as the ones below

Liora/Leora - not familiar with this, but I like it, sounds very pretty. Could it be frequently misheard as Laura causing frustration?

Aurora - I like this, but it is becoming a bit popular for me

Aurelia - my favourite of yours, this is on my list

DuchessOfSausage · 31/05/2022 08:49

Cordelia: ok
Liora or Leora: ok but will probably be misspelt or misheard
Eden: don't like
Amira or Amirah: ok if muslim/arab
Aurelia: too frilly, and two pronunciations
Aurora: too frilly and I'd say it as Or-ora. Awful if you can't say R
Summer - rhymes with bummer

Hallyup89 · 31/05/2022 09:03

Cordelia and Aurelia are too twee and fussy.

Amirah is lovely but I'd only use it if there's some Asian heritage.

Aurora and Summer are lower class.

Eden and Leora are ok, although I prefer Leonie or Leona.

mamaduckbone · 31/05/2022 09:18

Leora is really pretty and unusual.

RegalChase · 31/05/2022 17:25

Thanks for chiming in. Love your choices. Let me throw a bonus, Davina: means beloved or adored. Thoughts??

OP posts:
HairyBum · 31/05/2022 17:27

Aurora is beautiful

richardhammondsgoatee · 31/05/2022 17:29

Cordelia just because of the Anne of a green Gables reference

Aurelia (I would say it's nicer as Aur ay Lee a) is beautiful and I have known 2 who were both lovely.

richardhammondsgoatee · 31/05/2022 17:29

I also love Eden, beautiful

DogsAndGin · 31/05/2022 17:37

Aurelia is most preferred
Cordelia is least preferred

DogsAndGin · 31/05/2022 17:38

Pronounced: Aw Ray Lee Ah

Luredbyapomegranate · 31/05/2022 22:44

I think only Cordelia has style and substance. It’s lovely.

Amirah would be if you were culturally connected to it, but by your other name choices I would assume you aren’t.

Eden and Summer are both popular and fairly downmarket, especially Summer. Aurelia and Aurora are both very popular and now have Disney Princess associations (sadly) , and Leora isn’t very distinguished sounding.

Adela, Allegra, Claudia, Leonora, Cassia, Cliona, Stella/Estella, Serena, Sanchia, Susannah, Paloma, Diana, Octavia, Jocelyn, Elsbeth, Astrid, Honor might be alternatives

Luredbyapomegranate · 31/05/2022 22:45

Davina is quite nice but Davinia is nicer, I think. Also Dorothea.

babyjellyfish · 01/06/2022 08:39

I'm torn, OP.

My favourite is Amira but I don't think I'd use it if it's not your culture.

Out of the remaining choices, I think Liora/Leora is my favourite.

Some more suggestions:

Nerissa - also means "from the sea"

RegalChase · 01/06/2022 19:57

Lmao, those names were for my next name poll. Lol, but yes they're amazing

OP posts:
RegalChase · 01/06/2022 20:08

Lol, isn't Allegra a medicine? Like the others

OP posts:
RegalChase · 01/06/2022 20:14

I prefer your way of pronouncing it. Thanks for this Gem.

OP posts:
Mumofgirls2017 · 02/06/2022 07:42

Aurora and Aurelia are my favourites. Also like Eden and Summer

AuntieStella · 02/06/2022 07:56

Eden is traditionally a boys name, and still used as such. So that's my least liked on a girl

Favourite is Amira

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