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Ari - Baby boy name?

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Umpalumpa2 · 27/05/2022 04:04

I am currently 36 weeks pregnant to a baby boy, our DC1.

Both DP and I like name Ari, pronounced as Harry with a dropped H.

We are not from the UK and it would be short of a longer name.

How do you find it? Would it go down well in the UK?

Would people assume it’s a girls name?

And would the Harry association create a big problem for him?

Thanks all!

OP posts:
Newforumnewname · 27/05/2022 10:52

I would always say Ah-ri, emphasis on the Ah.
Like the end of the word starry (as in night).
But I am Jewish and know lots of Aris.

Dogsandbabies · 27/05/2022 10:54

Aris is a Greek name in its own right. He was the god of war.

It's a lovely name OP.

Newforumnewname · 27/05/2022 10:55

Avi (Hebrew name) is def pronounced Avvy though be might be something you’d like?

Irishfarmer · 27/05/2022 10:57

I like it. I think I'd pronounce it Arry, especially if that is how you introduced your son to me!

yikesanotherbooboo · 27/05/2022 11:37

I like it,Ari Melber , is my association.

elle0305 · 29/05/2022 23:52

I work in a preschool and we have had an Ari before, and an Ariyan & a couple of Aria’s that went by Ari too, never had any problems with pronouncements, or confusion with Harry. I’ve always instinctively pronounced it like Harry without the H. It’s a lovely name

mathanxiety · 30/05/2022 04:35

I would pronounce it AH-ree. Not the short A of Harry.

GlamGiraffe · 30/05/2022 04:57

I know it as a shorteningof ariel (not pronounced like the washing powder, but ah (as in hah)- ree- elle)

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