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Francesca or Margot

38 replies

salharg · 24/05/2022 10:58

Which is your favourite please?

OP posts:
Marty13 · 25/05/2022 02:11

I prefer Francesca personally. Margot feels a bit nicknamey rather than its own name. Francesca feels more distinguished.

But the only thing that matters is what you prefer !

mangodreams · 25/05/2022 06:56

Francesca - a beautiful name and lots of cute nicknames - Cesca, Ches, Frankie, Fran, Franie
Never liked Margot.

FindingMeno · 25/05/2022 07:00


LizzieBet14 · 25/05/2022 07:11

Francesca ❤️

peaceinourtime · 27/05/2022 00:04

Margo spelt like this not Margot as you will encounter people who will pronounce it as it is spelt. As for Francesca it it will wind up being Frannie, Francie et all as its such a long name.

FibbyJiggins · 27/05/2022 00:06

Way way way too many little Margots around at the moment.

Sortilege · 27/05/2022 00:09

cakebytheoceon · 24/05/2022 11:28

Definitely Francesca, beautiful name!Margot looks like 'maggot' written down. I really dislike the name sorry!

There is always the more unusual Margaux spelling.

It’s a lovely name.

I like Francesca but can’t stand Fran, Franny, Frankie or Chesca.

Luredbyapomegranate · 27/05/2022 02:30

Like them both, Francesca is more of a classic with more short form options so I’d go for that.

CheerfulYank · 27/05/2022 02:35

I really like them both! I have a Margaret and I wish we’d gone with Margo as the shortening sometimes. However she is firmly a Maggie :)

halfsiesonapotnoodle · 27/05/2022 02:35

Margot is truly hideous. Francesca is beautiful.

ThatshallotBaby · 27/05/2022 05:51

Much prefer Margot.
Or Frances.

elfran · 27/05/2022 07:10

I like Margot but it's so trendy right now.

I really, really dislike Francesca. It just feels so... unnecessary.

Frances is beautiful!

ChagSameachDoreen · 27/05/2022 07:18

Francesca is beautiful.

Margot = maggot.

It's also the name every wannabe chic and unique 30-something is currently calling their daughter. Male equivalent, Rowan.

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