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Namesareimpossible · 24/04/2022 12:56


Expecting a baby boy later this year and finding names I like really hard to find! I work with children so that doesn’t help things. Please rate my long list!



OP posts:
Dinoteeth · 24/04/2022 13:06

I'd ditch Otto and Otis, Otto just looks short for something, Otis is a brand of lifts and escalators.

The rest all seem OK, and it comes down to what goes best with your second name

Really random though, stand at the bottom of your stairs and shout up,
Henry your dinner is ready,
Go down the list and see if that narrows it down further.

Theoldwoman · 24/04/2022 13:20

I love:


Fivebeanchilli · 24/04/2022 13:21

Otto - nice. Feels very "now" but I really like it
Henry - really good classic name.
Samuel - dull to me
Finn - nice. I slightly prefer Flynn.
Sebastian - gorgeous. My favourite of your names
Oscar - nice. Super popular.
Caleb - ok
Otis - I like this
Isaac - dull
Casper - I only like the Caspar spelling I'm afraid but I do love that
Toby - I really like this name because all the Tobys I know are very lovely. They're all late teens.

Sebastian and Caspar are my favourites. Toby or Otis are nice too. Henry would be a good very safe choice.

Moochio · 24/04/2022 13:22

These are the ones I like

DramaAlpaca · 24/04/2022 13:24

I don't like Otto or Isaac but the rest are fine.

My favourites are Finn, Henry and Otis.

KangarooKenny · 24/04/2022 13:24


timoteigirl · 24/04/2022 13:30

I like Henry Sebastian
classic timeless Samuel
Ottilie is now trending for girls so why not Otto
dislike Finn Otis Toby
dislike Isaac - sacrificing your son by killing him bible story
okay Oscar Caleb Casper

KirstenBlest · 24/04/2022 14:17

Otto - dislike
Henry - ok
Samuel - like
Finn - like but it's too popular if you include Fionn and Finley/Finlay
Sebastian - dislike
Oscar - not keen
Caleb - like, but I think some people won't likeit
Otis - awful sorry, it sounds so wet
Isaac - ok
Casper -ok but will be spelt Caspar too
Toby - ok

Lem0nDrizzle · 24/04/2022 14:19

Otto - dislike
Henry - like
Samuel - like
Finn - prefer Flynn
Sebastian - not keen
Oscar - okay
Caleb - okay
Otis - okay
Isaac - like
Casper - prefer Caspar
Toby - dislike

cptartapp · 24/04/2022 14:37

Otto - dislike
Henry - rather dull
Samuel - will be Sam, boring.
Finn - very now. Not keen
Sebastian - ok
Oscar - massively overused a few years ago, lots of dogs called Oscar
Caleb - no
Otis - definitely no
Isaac - love it
Casper - Dislike, somewhat try hard
Toby - harmless but rather dull

user3199 · 24/04/2022 15:06

Otto - ok but I randomly associate it with Anne Frank's father!
Henry - not keen
Samuel - ok
Finn - like, also like Findlay/Finlay
Sebastian - like, and Seb is great
Oscar - not keen
Caleb - like
Otis - 2 out of about 15 babies in a group I went to were called this! Maybe popular cause of Sex Education?
Isaac - ok
Casper - this name has grown on me a lot recently
Toby - not keen, a dog's name to me

Aquamarine1029 · 24/04/2022 15:10

I like all of them except Samuel and Caleb. I hate those names.

RiverRats · 24/04/2022 15:29

Isaac and Samuel are my favourites

Mumofgirls2017 · 24/04/2022 18:32

Love Otto, Otis, Henry and Casper!

Galwayg · 24/04/2022 18:37

I have a boy and work with children too so I feel your pain, so many names were written off for me 🤣

Otto - cute but maybe like a cool dogs name to me
Henry - classic but not a favourite of mine
Samuel - cute nicknames but again, don’t love it
Finn - yes! Love this! Very nearly called our boy this, was a tiny bit put off that it was becoming so popular but I really don’t see that it matters
Sebastian - not keen
Oscar - lovely but I noticed quite a few distant friends calling boys this or Olly/Oliver and I felt when I went to try and remember their child’s name it just wasn’t memorable and all kind of blended into one name, that’s what put me off
Caleb - unusual but not my favourite
Otis - very cool
Isaac - this one is a write off for me due to school 🤣
Casper - cool or also loved Jasper
Toby - hmm not keen on this

overall I’d vote Finn hands down!

Iceddecaflatte · 24/04/2022 21:46

I like: Henry, Oscar

I don't like: Caleb, Toby, Ottis, Otto & Casper

The others get a pass mark but I wouldn't choose them.

IStandWithMaya · 24/04/2022 22:05

Otto - love
Henry - love
Samuel - love
Finn - no
Sebastian - love
Oscar - love
Caleb - no
Otis - no
Isaac - nice
Casper - no
Toby - nice

My favourites are Otto and Sebastian

WeasilyPleased · 24/04/2022 22:34

Otto - not keen.
Henry - ok
Samuel - love
Finn - so many
Sebastian - pompous
Oscar - love
Caleb - ok
Otis - ok
Isaac - like
Casper - no
Toby - soppy

SunshiningBoo · 24/04/2022 22:50

Toby and Casper are my favourites

dewl · 25/04/2022 00:21


I very much like all of the above.

timoteigirl · 25/04/2022 09:39

"overall I’d vote Finn hands down!" but it is a nationality, written like that! Would you call a kid Dane? Okay, maybe. Also Norman or Saxon. But Russian? American? Swede?

beetree1 · 25/04/2022 11:22

Otto - love this name
Henry - not a fan but I personally don't like classic boy names
Samuel - same as above but prefer to Henry
Finn - not mad on Finn as I feel like I know lots but I really like Finneas
Sebastian - love
Oscar - not a fan
Caleb - not a fan
Otis - love
Isaac - don't mind
Casper - not a fan
Toby - I love Toby think its a sweet name but I would go for Tobias

MayBeee · 25/04/2022 11:25

Otto yes
Henry yes
Samuel yes
Finn yes
Sebastian yes
Oscar yes
Caleb yes
Otis no
Isaac yes
Casper no
Toby no

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