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Most common boy name suggestions on MN

39 replies

eatentoomanygrapes · 08/04/2022 07:56

I've noticed that, especially with boys names, the same suggestions come up time and time again. I wondered if this means this list is going to be our UK top 10 very soon...

You can't ask for name suggestions on MN without these coming up:


Is this list particular to Mumsnet? Or is this indicative of wider trends?

OP posts:
Luredbyapomegranate · 09/04/2022 13:51



... are all very MN. I've never met anyone with one of these names.

I met a toddler Seth this week, bright red hair, adorable.

I think these are typical popular names OP. But you can check that on Dark Greener.
Lilaclavenders · 09/04/2022 15:03

I don't know many little boys called Atticus, Kit or Quentin in real life...

Maybe they're gaining popularity?

inmyslippers · 09/04/2022 15:05

Anyone said Oscar yet? Margot gets a lot of hype.

UhtredsLatestPaganHussy · 09/04/2022 16:05

MN generally suggests names popular with the middle classes. There are sub-sections of course. It might be:

hipster middle class - Astrid
academic middle class - Thea
traditional middle class - Florence

Anything that sounds too working class gets a 'my dear, you must consider how that name will be perceived when they're an MP/high court judge/blah blah blah'.

UhtredsLatestPaganHussy · 09/04/2022 16:09

Or seeing that this thread is about boys' names maybe

hipster middle class - Ezra
academic middle class - Magnus
traditional middle class - Henry

MargaritasOnMe · 09/04/2022 16:19

Pretty much every second boy I meet is called either Isaac or Finley at the moment so I think those are definitely trending! Also Ellis although I don't see that much on here. I have yet to meet an Ezra. It does depend on area though I suppose.

FannylovesDick · 09/04/2022 16:35

It irks me when a poster says they and their partner have a shortlist of 3 names but couldn’t decide.
Then posters completely ignore it and post a ridiculously long list of dozens of names that are completely random and include names of the opposite gender.

Luredbyapomegranate · 09/04/2022 19:43


I don't know many little boys called Atticus, Kit or Quentin in real life...

Maybe they're gaining popularity?

Oh no sorry not those names - the ones quoted by the PP. I think people start suggesting Atticus or Seth when they’re trying to be more unusual.
lemonsaretheonlyfruit · 09/04/2022 19:48

I have a 12 year old jude. I didn't hear anyone else suggest it. I just liked it's simplicity. The only thing that mate me question it was a) there was an awful character in the Archers called jude at the time and b) I think jude law is a bit of a knob. So those 2 things made me question it. Then I realised it was the only boy's name I really liked and so glad I went with it as I still love it now and it suits him really well.
I never liked 'Arlo' type names.

lemonsaretheonlyfruit · 09/04/2022 19:49


BertieBotts · 09/04/2022 23:07

Arlo is weird - I had literally never heard of it until about 6 years ago, then I saw a (not very well known*) blogger name her child Arlo and assumed it was a made up name, then it started appearing everywhere and now there are hundreds of them!

    • I mean, I don't think she started the trend or anything. It was just the first time I'd come across it.
dewl · 10/04/2022 00:01

There is one poster who always suggests the same boys' names:

Quentin & Reuben

CoffeePlease89 · 10/04/2022 01:11

Aw my 3 year old is called Jude Smile

He is the only one in his nursery class and
a lot of people we talk to say it's a lovely name.

We wanted something that is known but not over used. And something that suits a baby, a boy, a teenager and an adult/older person.

I think people forget this when naming their kids.

AuntTwacky · 10/04/2022 01:31

I've met a Kit

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