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Names popular in the 80's - will they make a comeback?

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3isamagicnumber · 18/11/2011 17:48

Obviously we're seeing the revival of a lot of names from way back (40's, 50's, 60's...) like Arthur, Stanley, Edith, Lillian etc etc. but just wondered if / when names that were popular when I was born in the 80's will make a come back??

There were for example, 2 of the following in my class at school though you rarely hear of newborn babies called these now:
Ian, Mark, Lee, Darren, Nicola, Emma, Lisa, Stephanie...

What were the other popular names of the 80's and will they come back??!!

OP posts:
fivegomadindorset · 18/11/2011 17:50

I know a 5 year old Mark, and a 3 year old Emma.

lockets · 18/11/2011 17:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BrigitBigKnickers · 18/11/2011 17:54

I started teaching in 1987 and the popular names in my first classes (who would have been born in the 80s) were:

Kelly Stacey Tracey Wayne Shane Duane (cowboy names- always little toads!) Keely Adam Ryan Steven Shelly Wesley Ian

3isamagicnumber · 18/11/2011 18:01

Exactly Brigit - you don't get many wee ones called these names these days (maybe with the exception of Adam and Ryan)

Don't know anyone called Wayne, Shane or Ian etc., who is under 30!!

OP posts:
tammytoby · 18/11/2011 18:19

They only come back once the 'current' generation with those names has died out, because by then these names will seem very unusual and chic again.

That is why names given in the years 1910/20/30 are becoming popular now.

yellowflowers · 18/11/2011 18:53

I know a baby Ian.

Not yet met a baby Mandy, Stacey, Bradley or Jason.

jenniec79 · 18/11/2011 18:56

I agree it's a bit soon. The people with these names are going to be the parents for a while yet, so I'd guess another 15-20 years before we get back into the 80s names.

LynetteScavo · 18/11/2011 19:02

I know a young Stephanie, Bradley, and Stacie.

I will be Shock if I hear of a baby Garry, Wayne, Tracey, or Sharon. (Weren't these 70's names? Confused)

AnaisB · 18/11/2011 19:16

My brothers' and sister's names are all mentioned above and one of my brothers wants to call his kids after his siblings. (This won't be authorised by his girlfriend.)

Wolfiefan · 18/11/2011 19:19

Does this mean a new generation of Kylie and Jasons?!!!

ChunkyMonkeyMother · 18/11/2011 19:21

I was an 80s kid - Through Primary there were 4 Sarah's and 2 Stephanies, Michaels and Rebekahs.

In Secondary there was 5 Stephanies and I think 9 Sarahs, lots of Lauras and Emmas as well

I'm now in uni and you cannot move for Sarahs - To the point where there are always atleast 3 in each class!

I think that as we are the generation having kids, we will generally see these as a bit sad or naff, not quite old enough to be doing the second rounds iyswim?

Plus I think a lot of the earlier names being revived are from grandparents etc and I don't know how many of the 80s kids are grannies yet ha ha

mrsravelstein · 18/11/2011 19:22

lots of claires in my age group, but i've not met a claire under the age of 20 i don't think...

AWimbaWay · 18/11/2011 19:30

It'll be when those born in the 80's are great-grandparents having great-grandchildren named after them. I have a VERY common name from my era and was named after both my great grandmothers.

5inthebed · 18/11/2011 19:44

As an 80's baby I cannot see anyone naming their child my name. Poor soul.

ellesabe · 18/11/2011 22:46

I love this thread and I find the idea of a baby Stuart/Timothy/Joanne/Ruth quite sweet!

tiptoptally · 18/11/2011 23:06

Common names of kids I went to school with were Jamie, Paul, Leanne, Kelly, Shelley, Claire and Steven.

Remember when you couldn't move without bumping into a Stephanie, but my friend has just called her baby this and I really like it this time round!

I remember my grandmother being horrified when my cousin was named Laura - claiming it was an "Old granny name"!!

RonnieBirtles · 19/11/2011 16:46

Born in late Seventies not Eighties, but similar-ish. I also grew up in a very mixed area, and there were definitely popular 'black names' and 'white names'.

White girls were called Michelle, Emma, Sarah, Keely/Kelly, Kerry, Rachel and a fair few Chanels and Chantelles for the black girls.

White boys were called Paul, David, Jason, Jamie. Leon and Tyrone for the black boys.

SlinkingOutsideInSocks · 19/11/2011 17:53

I know someone whose 4 and 2 year olds are called Sarah and Emma - very, definitely bucking the naming trend!

mathanxiety · 19/11/2011 18:16

I know:
1 Jason
1 Bradley
3 Ians
5 Emmas
4 Claires
3 Nicoles
At least a dozen Kevins
1 Jeffrey
2 Jacquelines/ 1 Jaclyn
2 Adrians
1 Jillian
3 Allison/Allyson/Alisons
2 Grahams (brothers of two of the Ians Shock)

Brian, Derek and Trevor have dropped off the face of the earth around here, it seems.

mathanxiety · 19/11/2011 18:18

There are also more Rachels and Sarahs than I can count. I don't think Rachel ever lost ground in Ireland.

Irish names have also retained their popularity, maybe Siobhan being the exception.

Mollydoggerson · 19/11/2011 19:39

I heard a dad call his son Keith at the play6round today, have to say it sounded sweet.

LaTristesse · 19/11/2011 20:13

I know of a baby Darren. Poor lad...

cat64 · 19/11/2011 20:22

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

OriginalPoster · 19/11/2011 20:29

As i have said many times before, I live in an 80s time warp, and have a Laura and an Emma...

kickingking · 19/11/2011 20:30

I know a 4 year old Emma, an 8 year old Clare, a 6 year old Sarah and a 5 year old Gemma. All of which I think of as 80s names - I was at school with lots of those.

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