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Portable baby monitor needed..any ideas?

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gracerowansmum · 21/04/2010 14:06

Im looking for a baby monitor where both the parent & the baby unit can be battery operated, ideally small enough to hang round my neck while I am in the garden etc. I want to be able to leave baby in the car while asleep (we live in the middle of nowhere and the car has to be parked a little way from the house) I have borrowed a Nscessity Compact Baby Monitor and its brilliant but no longer made. Cant find it any where. Anyone got any ideas for me? Help!!

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EldonAve · 21/04/2010 16:47


blowninonabreeze · 21/04/2010 16:53

we've got the tomy walkabout premier advanced model, which does take batteries. Have had it about 5 years without problems.

Never had reason to use batteries in the baby unit though, so not sure if its very battery heavy.

It was approx £60 when we bought it many moons ago

Indith · 21/04/2010 16:55

The BT digital one is fine for that. We just have the most basic one and both ends take batteries. I often leave dd int he car to sleep and it works fine. The parent end has a belt clip so you can have it in the garden.

christine1981 · 01/05/2010 00:01

I've been using an Angel Care one which I always take to the grandparents when Tom sleeps over. the parent unit on this one is nice and portable too which is nice. i got mine from Jiggly Bubs

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