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Recall! Bluebell Baby monitor, now what?

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GhoulPigeon · 21/06/2023 20:58

Just went to set up our new Bluebell Baby Monitor and was surprised to see the QR code, website and app are all taken down.

Found a link that the product has been recalled due to monitoring safety, looks like the company has gone bust too? We got ours from Boots and they have given back the money. Link to the .gov website recall page:

Disappointing to see that it is still on sale so don’t buy it if you were going to!

Is there any other systems people would recommend? We are keen for the extra monitoring as first time parents and the Bluebell seemed to tick all the boxes, such a shame.

Product Recall: Bluebell Baby Monitors (2305-0084)

Product recall for four models of Bluebell Baby Monitors presenting a risk.

OP posts:
newagemama · 23/06/2023 10:53

We are using the Invidyo baby monitor and it was very easy on the pocket. I think it's also currently on sale so that could help. It really ticks all of our boxes, has an impressive range of lullabies, great night vision, and the automatic sleep tracking and cry detection is helping us learn so much about our little one.
we recently started using it for sleep training as well and it has relieved so much of our anxieties

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