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Newmumma25 · 05/09/2021 14:47

Hi everyone,

I was hoping that you guys could recommend a good baby monitor? Is there such a thing as a monitor that notifies you when your baby is moving as well as audio notifications. Xx

OP posts:
Brunilde · 05/09/2021 19:16

Yes we have the kodak cherish c525. It has a monitor and app on your phone. The app notifies of sound and movement and records a short video each time. I think it's fab. Great camera quality too

Firsttimemummy124 · 15/11/2021 09:10

Hi Newmumma25

Just came across this post and thought I tell you a bit about my research and experience. Myself and my partner decided upon the Cubo AI due to the alerts that it provides (rollover, temperature, audio etc). We also loved the bird design and the fact that you can use your phone or tablet to view live footage.

It's highly recommended on a few websites (this one shows it in action too) and I would highly recommend it too.

It's also worth mentioning that we did consider the BT range and the Nanit monitors too.

Bonnealle · 15/11/2021 09:18

Honestly, the £60 ones on Amazon are great. The more notifications you have, the more you worry and don’t relax! We have a video one, you can easily see when they are breathing etc. I personally wouldn’t recommended one with an app. I wasn’t worried about the hacking (I know some people are), but I didn’t want to be reliant on WiFi as want to use it in holiday etc, and also in the event of a WiFi failure at home.

MadAboutMyBoy · 06/12/2021 06:12

@Bonnealle Which monitor did you get? Can you see the rise and fall of their chest at night?

TheIblisHasspoken · 06/12/2021 06:51

Four children down, and the best 'baby item' we had and used consistently for them all up until the age of three/four was an Angel Care. It has a sensor pad so monitors heart rate, breathing, night light, and we have taken it everywhere and used it in all different beds/cots!
It's one thing I always recommend if asked

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