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Nanit breathing wear warning

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babyproductoverload · 24/01/2021 19:55

Hi - just wanted to warn anyone that has a nanit and breathing wear. I've just tested it out - I put the breathing wear in the cot and it said 35 breaths per minute. It then went down to 34 breaths per minute and then up to 36. Im still pregnant, my baby hasn't arrived yet. At no point was there a baby in the cot it was just the breathing wear band in an empty cot.

I'm going to speak to them tomorrow - took lots of pictures and a video - but please don't rely on this feature - it really doesn't work!

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AllTheWayFromLondonDAMN · 24/01/2021 19:59

Just googled this. I’m very grateful it wasn’t around when mine were tiny... the breathing pad used to cause me enough trauma when they rolled off. Is it potentially the price point- looking at reviews it looks like more expensive versions have better reviews.

babyproductoverload · 24/01/2021 20:03

The nanit is £379 - not sure there is a more expensive baby monitor out there! 🤣 seems more expensive doesn't mean better!

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