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Need to get one

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Sillystupidmummy · 30/03/2018 19:05

Hi, can anyone help me please. I’m looking to get a baby monitor for my lo as she is now way too big for her Moses basket and we need to move her to her cot. I’ve started looking at monitors and am frankly bamboosaled, it’s like looking at car seats all over again ( my god that’s a nervous breakdown waiting to happen ). I have a reasonable budget and just want lo to be safe and me not to worry so much at having her in a different room. Please can anyone offer any suggestions on decent monitors? Thanks in advance!

OP posts:
gruffalopuffalo · 30/03/2018 19:09

I have a Motorola video one which is good. The Angelcare mats are also good for peace of mind. I got a second hand one and just used the mat as I already had the video monitor.

ilovewinterpansies · 30/03/2018 19:10

Angelcare are consistently rated very highly. If you narrow it down to one brand then at least you can go from there.

You then need to make these choices:

Audio or video
Motion sensor or not

Personally I went for top of the range (video and motion sensor mat) but many would find this unnecessary.

confuddledconfuddle · 30/03/2018 21:15

I got angel mat and video and recommend it - they both come in useful at diff stages. Ie don't really need video for first 6 months as always with you. Don't really need mat after 6 months as they wriggle of it and sids risk falls. My mat did go of twice and the alarm shocked/reminded my lg into breathing again. Newborns have a tendency to forget to breath supposedly - that's why they will start breathing fast to catch up.

Farmerswife36 · 30/03/2018 21:17

Iv had 4 kids and never ever used a monitor ? Unless u live in a mansion or a castle I don't see the need ? Maybe I'm wrong though and they are needed ? Iv never not heard my baby cry and as Iv always bf and co slept it's never been something I felt I needed

cookielove · 30/03/2018 21:23

We used the angel mat and then video monitor when he moved into his own room.

We still use the video monitor now, ds is 3 I like to watch him sleep sometimes 😂

Sillystupidmummy · 31/03/2018 18:16

Thanks for the advice. I can’t co sleep, we did think about it but my partner fidgets too much and my lo is bottle fed as she wouldn’t latch. I do like to watch her sleep, sometimes when she’s been crying I find it soothing to know she’s not always a little demon!😂.
I’ll check out the Angel mat and video, though may just need the video. She does wiggle a lot! ☺️ I suppose it’s just piece of mind.

OP posts:
sar302 · 31/03/2018 19:50

We have an angel care - does video and audio. No sensor mat. I've had to turn the viewing screen away from me in the evening now though, as I get twitchy every time he stirs!! Tells room temp too which has been handy with a winter / snow baby. Only thing is the signal cuts out a bit sometimes, but otherwise very happy with it.

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