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I have no idea?

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firsttimemum20 · 03/09/2016 22:49

I would like a baby monite (preferably one I can plug in) that has video and audio, and preferably night vision. I don't really want to spend too much over £150. What would be everyone's recommendations as I literally have no clue about this?

OP posts:
peanutbutter2409 · 03/09/2016 22:52

Watching! I'm in the same boat and have no idea. Was going to get an angel care but was told today that they're not that great - so I'm back to square one.

Artandco · 03/09/2016 22:53

What do you need it for?
Baring in mind under 6 months baby should always sleep in same room as you say and night, and after that you can hear if a 1 year old cries if you leave door open unless you live in a mansion

welshweasel · 03/09/2016 22:54

We have the Motorola mbp36s. It's about £90 on Amazon. Good video including night vision. Excellent audio (can hear breathing clearly). Most of my friends with babies have the same one.

welshweasel · 03/09/2016 22:57

We use it for the first part of the night and for daytime naps in the cot (DS 7 months but we did move him upstairs to sleep at about 3 months, against the guidelines, but he wouldn't sleep downstairs). Also sometimes still use it overnight if we don't want to leave our doors open as we have teenagers in the house too.

SleepFreeZone · 03/09/2016 23:08

We have a Summer video monitor that we picked up on eBay second hand. Then purchased a second camera once DS2 arrived. It's invaluable IMO and we don't live in a mansion.

It means I can keep an eye on them whilst napping, we can see what's going on if we hear a noise or if it looks like they're not going to go to sleep (you can normally tell with the toddler particularly if he is being noisy but looking like he'll drop off soon or being noisy and you know sleep just ain't going to happen and respond accordingly). I also like to check the baby in the night, sometimes he makes a noise but I'd still asleep. I once even saw that my toddler was about to fall out of his bed and was able to nip in there mid fall, scoop him up and pop him back in 😜

SleepFreeZone · 03/09/2016 23:10

Oh and it even survived the toddler dropping it in the bath!! It's hardcore!

firsttimemum20 · 04/09/2016 14:09

Artandco - I'm well aware the baby needs to be in my room for the first 6 months and she will be. I will be using the minister for 6 months plus or day time naps.
Thank you everyone for the suggestions!

OP posts:
Laineymc7 · 04/09/2016 14:17

I have the closer to nature tommee tippee video one. It's excellent. Great sound and picture quality. It also comes with sensor pad which we didn't use. Look out for asda baby event as it's often listed for £90 rather than £180.

user1473385491 · 15/09/2016 03:28

I'm using Infant Optics at the moment and worked pretty well the video is clear. Before I purchased i read some reviews that helped me decide which one to buy. You might want to check here before you get one

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