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Autoimmune disease

What is wrong with me?!

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englishrose1234 · 30/11/2023 14:13

Ok so to start off with - yes I have posted previously about issues and I do tend to freak out about small things that, when all clumped together, point towards more serious things (thanks google)

Recently I have had strange sensations down one side of my body - numbness, tingling, aching, feeling cold, feeling of running water. At the same time this started, I had mild, short lived sciatica symptoms and really sore stiff muscles in my leg, bottom and back. I also feel slightly drunk most days.

My doctor took a whole rake of bloods and some urine and the following came back abnormal:

Ketones +2
Thyroid antibody x3 the upper limit of normal
T3 normal
T4 normal
Iron 5.3 (normal 6-35)
Vitamin D 59 (normal 65 and up)
Complement C3 low
Platelets 140 (normal 150-400)
Testosterone low
Free androgen index low
Apoloprotein B low
Apoloprotein E high

My gp has prescribed iron and wants to recheck thyroid in 6 months. I am happy with this.

But has anyone ever had similar issues before? Of all the results, 16 were abnormal (I haven't listed all of them as I genuinely can't remember the names!)

Just feel a little bit broken and exhausted!

OP posts:
englishrose1234 · 02/12/2023 22:51

Hopeful bump

OP posts:
CrunchyCarrot · 18/12/2023 12:56

Hello OP - well raised thyroid antibodies indicate you have autoimmune thyroid disease. Do you have your actual thyroid results (with ranges) to hand? 'Normal' may not be optimal! You can still be unwell with low apparently 'normal' values.

Your iron is way too low. If you have a number of other abnormal results, these may all be related to thyroid disease.

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