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Coeliac question - chips unsuitable on Coeliac UK but ingredients looked fine

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Poppsidoppsi · 25/10/2023 18:07

I was about to buy these chips (DC are coeliac) and there was no may contain / ingredient listing for wheat / gluten on the packet. I double checked on the CoeliacUK app and it said these were unsuitable. Does anybody know why? I would’ve bought them had I not checked on the coeliac app.

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Poppsidoppsi · 25/10/2023 18:07

The offending chips

Coeliac question - chips unsuitable on Coeliac UK but ingredients looked fine
OP posts:
heldinadream · 25/10/2023 18:11

Found this on their website OP, think it clears it up?
We are now making our Gastro Chips at a different McCain facility; the product made there is gluten free and is correctly labelled as such.
As our Gastro Chips have an 18 month shelf life, some product may still be in the market, or possibly in your freezer at home, that was not made at this facility and will have ‘may contain wheat’ printed on pack. New product will not have this on pack. However, it is important to note that both products are correctly labelled.
We would encourage you to please always check the ingredients declaration on the back of each pack. We’d like to reassure you that the information on pack is correct and will depend on which McCain facility the product was made in.

Poppsidoppsi · 25/10/2023 18:14

Aaah! Fabulous, thank you @heldinadream - my husband and I were scratching our heads wondering what was in them to make them unsuitable on the coeliac app. Thank you so much - I really appreciate your help 😊

OP posts:
heldinadream · 25/10/2023 18:30

Aww, it's a pleasure @Poppsidoppsi - I'm gluten-free myself so I know what a minefield it can be. Let alone having little ones who are. 🙂

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