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Coeliacs disease- glutened- or stomach bug after eating out?

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Bostonbullsmumma · 15/09/2023 07:20

I have had coeliacs for many years now. I went out for breakfast yesterday and ordered scrambled eggs. The restaurant caters for gluten free and I’ve eaten there before. The eggs come on toast. I asked if the bread was definitely gluten free and they assured me it was. I had also overheard the waitress checking with the chief that they had gluten free available after I ordered.

I have been up all night with sickness and severe stomach cramps. Can’t even keep water down and I’m 18 weeks pregnant.

I thought initially it was food poisoning or a stomach bug. I’m now wondering if the bread was in fact gluten free.

Anyone with coeliacs had a similar reaction after being glutened or is it more likely to be a sickness bug/ food poisoning from the eggs? I had very little to eat after as I didn’t feel great. Sickness didn’t start until 12 hours later though.

Thank you

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Fullspectrum · 15/09/2023 07:44

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WingingIt101 · 15/09/2023 09:36

As pp said, you'll likely never know, but if it helps, I am also coeliac and got norovirus at 18 weeks.

I was so badly sick I covered the bathroom and then slipped over in it, banging my pregnant belly on the bath! I went to the antenatal unit to get checked and they just said to ride it out!

HumourReplacementTherapy · 15/09/2023 10:33

Usually you can tell as GF bread doesn't toast like normal bread does. It usually tastes shite too Wink

Bananas1350 · 15/09/2023 10:46

I agree with the poster above. I know when it isn’t gluten free as it tastes crap. What did it taste like?

VeloVixen · 15/09/2023 10:59

It could be cross contamination from butter if they use the same butter on gluten toast?

Bostonbullsmumma · 15/09/2023 11:11

Thanks everyone. Riding it out still and hoping it will stop soon!!

on reflection the bread tasted nice! Normally I compare to family and what they have ordered but I was on my own. The waitress told me it was warburtons gluten free and I did think at the time they do a nice tiger loaf so it must be part of that range!!

the other times I’ve been glutened is from minimal food never (potentially) 2 slices of toast.

I think it’s probably more likely some kind of stomach bug!!

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