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Autoimmune disease

If you are coeliac, do you take calcium?

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Dustycloth · 08/08/2023 14:47

I was diagnosed 5 years ago and I vaguely remember my consultant telling me I needed to take a calcium supplement everyday. I never have.
Is my daily multivitamin providing enough or am I supposed to be taking extra?
I’ve been discharged from the gastroenterologist and my gp has zero interest in monitoring my coeliac disease so not sure who to ask…

OP posts:
CMOTDibbler · 08/08/2023 14:49

I try to. In reality I go through phases of taking calcium+magnesium supplements then as I hate them so much I'll stop for a few months then feel guilty and restart. 25 years gluten free this month!

Donewithrenovating · 08/08/2023 14:51

I wasn’t told that, coeliac care is atrocious tbh. I heard listening to a health podcast that coeliac is one of the only health conditions warranting a daily full on multivitamin and have taken one since that. Fortunately I eat a ton of dairy and very healthily.

Being sent for a bone scan sometime subject to waiting lists as my new surgery has just brilliantly done a full health check up on coeliacs.

Somanycats · 08/08/2023 14:52

No. No one has ever suggested it.

khakitrousers · 08/08/2023 14:54

DS is a coeliac and at his most recent catch up with the gastroenterologist she didn’t say take supplements but she did advise him to up his dairy to increase his calcium intake specifically.

21stcentury · 11/08/2023 16:05

Diagnosed 12 years ago. Was told that calcium and vitamin D supplements essential. This has been checked in all subsequent followups. Very high risk of oestoporosis even if you follow a strict GF diet.

21stcentury · 11/08/2023 16:08

I use Evacal D3. Tastes a bit like a love heart sweet, the calcium tablets can be a bit big to swallow.

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