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Autoimmune disease

Concerned I have MS or ALS.

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egowise · 16/07/2023 13:36

Can anybody explain their symptoms of the above?

A few weeks ago I started with my right leg being numb, could still walk, no pins and needles at this point.

Since then symptoms have escalated.

When I feel a cool/cold breeze I have a feeling of pinpricks that follow the breeze around my body.

And now i get a heat feeling flowing around my body from specific points. It can start from my hips if I bend. But sometimes just when I'm sat down and move, the heat feeling just starts.

All this happens many many times a day.

Right now I'm sat on the sofa with my legs up, and my legs have the weird breeze feeling but no breeze in my house.

I know we shouldn't Google, but obviously I have. And I know I should go to the Dr and I will, although we aren't allowed to see GP anymore and have to see a nurse practitioner.

Can anybody help?

Thank you

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Sillymummies123 · 22/07/2023 09:10

Why can't you see a GP? You may have to wait for the appointment but it's worth it in this case.

It could really be anything- some migraines cause numbness on one side, trapped nerve, shingles, your specific cincern about MS / ALS is understandable, but that's one of a thousand causes for numbness and changes in response to pressure / temperature. Granted, I haven't studied ALS, but isn't that more voluntary muscle control rather than sensation, as you describe? That makes one of your concerns very unlikely at least.

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