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Autoimmune disease

Purple dot on neck on asprin and blood thinners

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Mumma29x · 05/05/2023 10:02

I have Lupus and I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant so I am on asprin and blood thinners. A purple spot on my neck has appeared which I have never seen before. There is only the one but I’m wondering is this related to the asprin or blood thinners and is this something I should get checked out? I’m more concerned because at the same side of my neck I had to get lumps checked which they said were swollen lymph nodes just because I have Lupus. Can’t find anything on Google which shows one single spot and this is completely flat to my skin and not raised.

Purple dot on neck on asprin and blood thinners
OP posts:
Wildspace · 29/05/2023 21:28

Petechia? Can be red or purple.

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