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Autoimmune disease

Subclinical hypothyroid

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Lolacat1234 · 17/04/2023 07:16

Cross posting from general health as someone suggested I might get more replies here xx

Just been diagnosed with the above - TSH raised at 4.3 but T3 (4.6) and T4 (17.2) in normal ranges.

I've been having non specific symptoms for a long while - depression, anxiety, low sex drive, irritability, tiredness. But the main one is inability to shift any weight despite an active lifestyle and good diet! I consistently get 10K steps daily, do resistance based weight exercises, always get my 5 a day and eat sensibly but I just feel like I'm getting fatter and fatter! It's soul destroying!

I guess my question is can raised TSH only be causing the inability to lose? I know T3 and T4 ok but I spent ages working out a ratio calculation and it appears the T3 is low in relation to how much T4 I have?

Also any advice on where I go next? This was diagnosed on a private blood test check site and they have advised I contact my GP, is it worth taking a thyroid support supplement first like something containing selenium and iodine and see if that helps first?

Just to add as well I have had kidney problems the last few years and feel it's all related and interlinked.

Thanks for any advice and words of wisdom!

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