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Autoimmune disease


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Tiredo · 17/01/2023 16:48

Posted in a couple of topics before being told here exists so apologies if you’ve seen this before.

Ive been consistently ill for around 13 months straight (after birth of 3rd baby - my first csection) infact it’s a running joke in our house that I’m always ill.

I kept being told by healthcare professionals, I’m just tired, it’s because of the toll of surgery/breastfeeding/lack of sleep, told to go to physio for swollen and sore joints, told to use better skin cream for my very clear butterfly rash on my face and told I need to lose weight (fair enough I did/do).

Ive used all the creams- rash hasn’t gone and when I’m very ill it flares up terribly.
Ive lost just over 4 stone - joints are still awful and I’m still so swollen on some days I look just as heavy.
DH has been getting up with DC and I’ve been having early nights - still the fatigue is unreal.
I do gentle exercise (all advised by physio) - still I’m low, sore, so tired, kidneys are in agony some days im writhing I’m writhing in agony and no infection is found in urine, occasional heart stabs/jerks and sometimes sharp and dull pains in my chest (lungs).

My hair is falling out on my body (legs, eyebrows, thinner on my head).

Im finally booked in for ANA blood test tomorrow but the fear it will be negative and/or positive is really shaking me. I just want to know what’s wrong with me now but also worried about the lifelong effects/treatments, this has been going on for around 7 years (flare ups) but really started showing itself consistently after the birth of my 3rd DC (13months ago).

How did anyone else’s experience of similar or infact lupus go? Is this similar to you or was it something completely different?

Im only 32 for context.

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