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Autoimmune disease

RA and Covid booster?

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bitachey · 19/10/2022 21:50

Currently having tests for RA. Mildly inflamed wrists on MRI (I have ortheoarthritis too). No real symptoms.

I would be interested to hear others on this. I had all my other Covid vaccinations no problem but this has me hesitating as I really don’t want to trigger a flareup if that is what I have. I have just received my invite for my Covid booster and flu jab. This will be my fourth Covid jab. I am unsure whether to get it or not as I have read that (anecdotally) it could lead to a rheumatoid arthritis flareup. I am not on any auto immune suppressant medication and I had Covid back in April.

(Also posted on the Covid forum)

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Mummyford · 21/10/2022 09:36

I know these things are highly individual, but my brother has RA and didn't suffer any flares after his boosters (he's also a doctor). He is on immunosuppressive meds and was quite ill, in hospital on supplementary oxygen, with covid before his booster.

I have a much milder autoimmune issue and am always aware of the possibility of causing a flare up, but generally think any illness is going to be more of disruptor than a vaccine. For what it's worth, I had no reaction to the three vaxxs I've had and do plan to have the booster when available.

bitachey · 21/10/2022 23:01

@Mummyford Thank you. I think I’ll just crack on and get it done asap.

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bitachey · 21/10/2022 23:02

Ps scary that your brother was so ill. I’m glad he’s ok now. Must have been awful

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