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Autoimmune disease

Is this Anxiety or something else??

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Jillianaaa · 28/08/2022 02:02

My dd (18) experienced terrible anxiety during her IB exams. However, this stopped after she finished them and subsequently found out she met her offer for Cambridge. Since then she experienced no symptoms.

However, the last two weeks she’s been getting similar symptoms almost every night. These include: numb face, wind, headaches (occasionally), and pain on the left hand side which occasionally goes into her arm. After the symptoms develop she often gets a rapid heart rate. However, once she’s read or watched something they almost fully go away.

However, dd also has an underlying thyroid condition, and currently takes medication for it. This condition tends to fluctuate between being hypo and hyper active, hence I’m wondering if this could possibly be due to the thyroid? Does anyone have experience with this? or had anything similar?

also, one last point, my dd experienced similar things when she was around 11/12 years old and then she “outgrew” it. However, a few years later she was diagnosed with thyroid problems.

any help would be appreciated as when you look it up on the internet it comes up with all sorts of things.

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Lucinder · 11/11/2022 21:06

Speak to a GP the facial numbness and pain symptoms are bit concerning, impossible to give sound advice other than see a doctor, - they are under varying amounts of pressure not to refer on specialists as wait times are very very long for most departments. Don't be fobbed off with "it's just anxiety " without them at least checking her BP, looking her over, assess meds, try to keep a journal of symptoms or track on an app. Also, just in case its at all possible she's taken any substances and cant tell you she can tell the gp, they won't tell anyone, she won't be in any trouble, it won't affect her future - they will be very understanding at her age.
Also try to get them to so blood tests for things like full blood count, liver and kidney function and any vitamins deficiency etc. Good luck 👍 hope she feels better soon and has a fantastic time at uni xx

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