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Autoimmune disease

Hashimotos - confused about why GP stopped medication

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Flossie9 · 20/07/2022 13:40

Long story short, I am 25 and experiencing all underactive thyroid symptoms to an extreme, I also have an enlarged thyroid.

In 2015 my test results came back confirming hashimotos/underactive thyroid and I was given levothyroxine by my GP at home. After returning to university a GP there did another blood test and my bloods were fine - I was taken off the meds..

Fast forward to 2022, I am still experiencing all the symptoms, my thyroid is still enlarged and I know I'm not 100% right. We did the standard thyroid tests which came back fine, but my GP requested a further thyroid antibody test which came back same as 2015 and they confirmed Hashimotos again.

I am now having an ultrasound next week - what is this for? What else will it show? My gp refused to give me levothyroxine until after the ultrasound.

I'm also concerned that I've been off medication for all these years.. I had an ultrasound back in 2015 but they weren't concerned about it, just put me on meds and left me to it.

Any advice would be great as I'm slightly frustrated/confused

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WhiteWhiteWhite · 20/07/2022 13:49

Honestly, these GP's! 😡 It sounds like the Levo was helping you to maintain your thyroid at optimum levels & you should never have been taken off it.

My sympathies, I have Hashimotos too, but only recently diagnosed, so still very new to it all.

I can highly recommend this friendly bunch:

If you join & add your history & test results (including ferritin, iron, Vit D & B12, if you have them) they will give you masses of experienced advice.

Best of luck!

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MercurysMeteor · 24/07/2022 07:37

You’re right to be annoyed/frustrated. Presence of thyroid auto antibodies (hashimotos) means you’ll need treatment for life. At the start of the condition you can have antibodies but thyroid still functions… but as times goes on the working level of the thyroid decreases, so tsh goes up and supplementation is needed.
the uss will show that the thyroid is struggling. Sorry you’re going through this op. I would demand referal to an endocrinologist (go private if you can) so that you can get proper advice. Gp isn’t treating you appropriately. I wonder why the gp doesn’t believe it? I struggled to get blood tests for diagnosis originally as I was thin and engaging to talk to… But my initial tsh came back over 50! I think they only believe it if the person is over weight and struggling to speak and losing their hair! Craziness!! Good luck op

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