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Autoimmune disease


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been and done it. · 04/07/2022 17:39

Anyone else have these conditions? I'm 2 years in and down to 2.5 mg prednisolone from 60mg. Feeling so much better now but still really tired...more so since tapering from 3mg. I'm on a FB group which has been really helpful and supportive in fact not sure what I would have done with out has anyone else coped?

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Sagaris · 30/09/2022 13:21

I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago after feeling awful for a few weeks, which came to a head with the worst 'migraine' /eye pain I've ever had in my life - DH insisted on a hospital visit. If he hadn't I would likely have very badly damaged sight now, according to the doctor. I'm still on 60mg prednisolone but hoping that will be reduced at my outpatients appointment next week. I feel very strange, but I'm assuming it's the medication. The FB group is very helpful, there is also the PMR GCA UK association which costs about £15 a year, also very good. I've also signed up to a couple of research projects being run at the Rheumatology clinic - if it doesn't help me, it might help someone else! So it's still early days for me, but I'm going to do / try everything I can to improve things.

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