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Autoimmune disease

Overacrive Thyroid. Should I see a private endocrinologist?

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Anonymousmam · 25/05/2022 20:45

I've been waiting and waiting to see an endocrinologist after I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I'm fed up with waiting and still no appointment had come through. This will be my first consultation. GP has put me on beta blockers which seems to be the norm but the tiredness and weightloss is getting too much for me now and the tremors are just the same.

Is it worth seeing an endocrinologist privately to get me started on carbimazole? Or is it better to wait for my NHS appointment? I'm worried about going privately because even though I can afford the initial consultation I won't be able to afford any tests or follow up appointments. I'm not sure what to do for the best, does anyone have any experience of this?

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Thegroaninggurner · 30/06/2022 22:31

I would be inclined to take myself to a&e especially if you have palpations, chest pain ect although propanol waiting lists are huge at the minute. That way at least they should start you on Carbimazole.

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