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Autoimmune disease

Electric shocks

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Pinkandpink · 03/01/2022 17:26

I didn’t know where else to post, but I keep getting tiny electric shocks all over my body, face, legs, everywhere . It’s annoying and uncomfortable. It’s especially at night.

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samwitwicky · 03/01/2022 17:28

Have you spoken to your GP?

Courcheval · 03/01/2022 17:30

I got this among lots of other symptoms before I found out I had folate deficiency and pernicious anaemia (B12 deficiency.)

Speak to your GP.

Pinkandpink · 03/01/2022 17:37

I had anemia very badly a few years ago, I had iron tablets but they made me vomit a lot so stopped taking them. I don’t feel anemic but you never know. I’ll speak to the doctor on Wednesday and see if I can order some blood tests. I’m 49.

OP posts:
Pinkandpink · 03/01/2022 17:37

Thanks for answering

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Wolfiefan · 03/01/2022 17:39

I get them in my legs. Assumed it was part of the joy that was fibromyalgia. Hmm

Pinkandpink · 03/01/2022 18:24

My sister has fibromyalgia and over the years I always thought I had it too. Will try and speak to doctor on Wednesday thanks

OP posts:
Westerman · 26/01/2022 22:23

I have Fibromyalgia and Arthritis and I get massive 'electric shock' jerks, too. Sometimes my whole body jerks, sometimes maybe just an arm or my legs. Often I can feel where the shock starts amd travels right through my body.
They're worse when I'm trying to relax or get to sleep. My husband tells me they carry on all night, too.
I put them down to the Fibromyalgia but who knows. I've described them to a previous GP and told him they look like the 'myoclonic jerks' you can find footage of on YouTube but he didn't seem interested. They can be downright painful at times. Shock

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